Te Wiki O Te Reo 2022 – About A Language Movement for Bringing Maori Resources Back!

The article discusses the essential matters of the Te Wiki O Te Reo 2022 and describes the crucial elements of the celebrations of this language.

Do you know the Maori language week? Actually, the government-associated program is taken to spread the language’s modernity. In Austronesian countries like Australia, the language week is widely celebrated.

The officials have taken significant steps to promote this language and encourage people about the language. That is the reason for Te Wiki O Te Reo 2022.

What Do You Know about Te Reo? 

There are many things to know about Te Reo. The language is the official language of Maori. It is also a sign language in New ZealandSince 1975 the Maori language celebration has been widely observed. 

It is also part of the cultural segment of these countries that denotes ethnicity. The language commission of Maori and the Maori Ministry of Development has taken initiatives for this.

Te Wiki O Te Reo Maori Wiki

The initiative was started in 1970. At this time, the protest movement of Maori was started. In the same year, the society of Maori and the “Te Huniga Rangatahi,” the famous students association of the Kiwi, demonstrated in front of the parliament and submitted the petition file in the democratic institution. 

The demand was that the government should start teaching “Te Rao” in the public schools. 30,000 signed the petition for the request.

Te Wiki O Te Reo Maori 2022

Significant initiatives will be taken in the year 2022. For the first time, Walt Disney released the movie “Frozen” in the Maori language. The Maori version of the Frozen movie was widely released in the theatres.  

After that, Walt Disney Animation Studios again released the Maori version of “The Lion King Reo Maori”. This movie uses dialogue in the Maori ethnic style to respect the language. There are many films released in the same way. 

The Other Factors

Te Wiki O Te Reo Maori Resources has some other factors as well. The language movement is also associated with politics and ethnicity. In 2021, more than 1 million people decided to support the movement at the same time.

These people pledge for “Maori Language Moment” to change the name of the country “New Zealand” into “Aotearoa”. The name was used in the Maori language in the pre-European and white invaders era. The Maori Party launched the petition in 2021.

Te Wiki O Te Reo MāOri

Many people want to know about this. It is actually the “Planeta.com” celebration. It talks about the closeness of the Maori people and brings them together for the cause of their language. It also spreads the aspirations of the Maori people worldwide.

Why is the News Trending? 

Many experts say the Maori language became the official language 35 years ago. But still, it has survival issues. For this reason, millions of people still fight for the language.


The main reason is to celebrate the Wiki O Te Reo Maori to bring back the glory of the language. Millions of people support this movement. We have taken maximum reports from trusted media and internet reports. 

Moreover, you can learn more by checking the link. Do you support the cause? Comment, please.

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