What Is The PranaiyaMagoffin Cause Of Death? How Did PranaiyaOulapathorn Kill Herself And Her Son?

To learn about Pranaiya Magoffin Cause Of Death, follow this article in detail and know all your queries.

Nowadays, we get to hear a lot of suicide news nearby us. Isn’t it strange that we do not understand what a person is going through internally? The happiest looking people tend to commit suicide. There are many suicide cases Worldwide rising each day. 

Let us discuss about the Pranaiya Magoffin Cause Of Death and what actually happened before the incident took place. Read this article till the end to get your answers. 

Pranaiya Magoffin

Pranaiya was a 37 years old lady, who was very ambitious in her life. She did her MBA from the Oxford University. She met her husband there and they both tied a knot after sometime. They welcomed their child Arthur in March 2021. She was known as a happy mom, but perhaps she faces postpartum depression after her delivery. 

As per the online sources, after around 1 year of Arthur’s birth, she killed herself and her baby. How Did Pranaiya Oulapathorn Kill Her Son, read the article till the end to know.

Pranaiya’s Death Cause

According to the sources, it’s been said that Pranaiya Oulapathorn has killed herself and her kid. She was diagnosed with postpartum depression since her child’s birth. She faced several issues which affected her sleep. She was known to be friendly with the kids and also she was a happy mom. Her pregnancy got her happy than ever but there were several issues. Thailand was in lockdown, she had no fresh air to breathe. Soon after delivery, she started saying dark things. Pranaiya Oulapathorn Cause Of Death could be her postpartum depression. 

What happened after Arthur’s birth?

She was happy but she faced issues being her first delivery. The lockdown added to her pregnancy issues, then after Arthur’s birth, she struggled with breast feeding. She forced herself more than the limit is what her husband says. She talked about disappearing and not wanting Arthur. That’s huge but she felt that way. She stressed a lot over her son’s development, she faced insomnia and that affected her badly. Doctors prescribed her steroids and pills to get sleep. 

Pranaiya Magoffin How Did She Kill Herself? 

As per the online resources and what has been said by her husband, she killed herself and her baby after facing postpartum depression. She talked about her issues and her husband tried helping her get out of it. She must have gone through a lot and it is disheartening. 


With respect to all the information we have gathered yet, the reason behind Pranaiya’s death is quite visible. She paved a long way before she took this step. Her husband had a lot to say about this incident. Recently Pranaiya Magoffin Cause Of Death came into light and her husband was interviewed. If you want to watch what her husband says, click on this link 

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