Sumac Wordle {July 2022} 379 Puzzle Gameplay Solution!

The article below helps you explore all the details for the 379 puzzle answer and Sumac Wordle meaning.

Hey Puzzle Players! Are you eagerly waiting to get assistance for the wordle answer for 3rd June 2022? Here, we have done a detailed study and got the hints and solutions to guide you for the wordle puzzle 379. 

Our research has analyzed many worldwide gamers doing excellent work. But, new players from Australia, the United States, India, the United Kingdom, and New Zealand are getting a little confused about Sumac Wordle. This is the answer for 379 (3rd June) wordle. Let’s start detailing more about this solution!

Is Sumac Word Correct Guess For 379 Wordle?

The primary hint for wordle 379 was described as an olive family’s small tree or a shrub. The plant is remarkable for its fragrance; hence many gamers have guessed it as a Suman. But sadly, this is not the correct answer. The right solution for wordle 3rd June was LILAC. 

As many players have guessed, Sumac, instead of Lilac, is the prior one also related to the Olive family? Let’s learn more about this word!

Sumac Game & Lilac Word: Get The Definitions!

  • Sumac word definition: A small tree or shrub belonging to the cashew family. It has compound leaves and fruits and bright colors. 
  • Lilac word definition: A small tree or Eurasia shrub belonging to the olive family. It has fragrant blossoms and is hugely cultivated as ornaments.

From the above-defined meanings, we can clearly say that the answer for wordle 379 is Lilac. 

How to Play Wordle?

  • You have only 6 attempts to fill the tiles with the correct answer. Therefore, many players might have guessed the answer as Sumac Game wordle.
  • First, fill in the letters with the given hints. 
  • Check with the significant clue as to its meaning or the synonym for the word given by the wordle and try guessing the word. 
  • Always remember that the wordle answer should be only 5-letter. 

Hints to Solve 379 Wordle!

  • Yesterday’s wordle word consists of 2 different vowels.
  • The starting and ending letters are constant. The latter is “C”.
  •  The wordle word is a flower/blossom.

From the above hints, it is clear that Sumac cannot be yesterday’s answer as it belongs to fruits/eatables. Therefore, the answer should be Lilac.

Why is Sumac Wordle trending among players?

As the game craziness is hiking, so the constituency of players is also increasing daily. Hence, the players regularly join this puzzle game and check their answers to whether they guessed correctly or not. 

For 3rd June 379 wordle, many players guessed the answer as Sumac due to similarity in meaning. Still, the difference between the words is that the prior belongs to the cashew family and later the olive family.

The Last Words

Based on our case study and analyzing hints, we can say that the answer for the 379 puzzles is Lilac and not Sumac Wordle. Unfortunately, many gamers have guessed the answer incorrectly due to similarities in meanings and rhyming wordings. 

Further, click here to check more details for today’s wordle answer. What was your guess for 379 wordle? Please share with us via commenting.

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