{Unedited} Son Holding His Mom Head No Blur Arabic: Check Complete Details Here

This article exposed the Son Holding His Mom Head No Blur Arabic incident and more about Bashid McLean.

Have you heard of the horrific incident of a son holding his mother’s head? Why did the son cut his mom’s head? Recently, a picture shared on social media was controversial WorldwideThe 23-year-old young man killed his mother and shared the decapitated photo of his mother online. Read the Son Holding His Mom Head No Blur Arabic article for more information about the post.

About the Son – Bashid McLean

The person seen in the shared picture is Bashid McLean. Bashid McLean is a young boy, and he is 23 years old. He killed his mother with the help of his friend and cut his mother’s body into many pieces. After decapitating Bashid McLean’s mother, he took a selfie with his mother’s carved head.

It was such a horrible incident. How dare the son kill his mother like this? The weak-hearted people can’t digest this terrific incident.

Son Holding His Mom Head No Blur Picture

The post which was shared on social media was very cruel. Bashid McLean shared the decapitating head of his mother’s selfie pic without blur. This incident has happened ten years ago. But suddenly, the brutal killing came up on social media platforms and became viral.

Initially, the picture was shared without blur. As per the rules and regulations of the social media platforms, the photo was removed from the platforms under the terrible act. 

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Why did the son kill his mom?

The son with the mom’s head selfie pictures of Bashid McLean became viral on social media. The picture shows the person’s cruel nature. It also exposes how a human being gets out of his attention and takes such a radical step of murdering his mother. 

In crime investigations, people the shocked by such kind of horrible incidents. The authorities investigated and found the reason behind the cruel murder. The reports stunned the people frightened of the boy’s choice to murder his mother.

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Son Holding His Mom Head No Blur Arabic    

As per sources, Bashid McLean asked his mother to move out of the house. As per sources,  he asked her to grow up and start his profession independently. But the mother didn’t accept his demand because he was not ready to live individually. So, the 23-year-old Bashid McLean killed his mother with the help of his friend. 

Bashid McLean’s Mother

Tanya Byrd is Bashid McLean’s mother. She was brutally killed by his son, Bashid McLean, in 2013. Tanya was 45 years old when she died. Everyone questions how a son murdered his mother.  

The horrible incident of Son Holding His Mom Head No Blur Arabic cruel murder happened in 2013 in an apartment in the Bronx. The other person who helped Bashid McLean was William Morris. He killed his mother with the help of Morris. Both the criminals were arrested for the terrible crime. On the other side of the investigation, Bashid McLean’s lawyer stated that he was affected by cerebral issues. And he heard some sound in his head from his childhood.

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The horrible incident news became controversial recently, and online users, especially Arabic people, surf the internet to get the details behind the selfie picture. He was prisoned for 25 years for the case. Click the link to get Son Holding His Mom Head picture in detail.

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