Read Sei Ashina Cause of Death Here: How Did She Die? What Is The Real Reason Of Her Death?

In this article we shared facts on Japanese actress and what was Sei Ashina Cause of Death.

Do you know about Sei Ashina? Whether from the United States or any other country, fans and the public get devastated when a celebrity is lost. And even after years of their death, we remember our favourite celebrities from their roles and works in their field.

The case with Sei Ashina is somewhat similar. She died two years back, around the same time in September 2020, and people are remembering her and asking about Sei Ashina Cause of Death

About Sei Ashina’s Death:

Sei Ashina was a famous Japanese actress who was declared dead on 14 September 2020. Her family reported that Sei Ashina did not return any calls or messages on 13 September 2020 when they suspected something was wrong with her.

When the family reached her apartment in Shinjuku, Tokyo, on Monday morning, 14 September 2020, they were devastated as they found her dead. Her family called the authorities, and the Police investigated and found the cause of death to be suicide. They detected no foul play.

How Did Sei Ashina Die? Sei Died due to suicide. She did not leave any note or sign as to why she took her life. Sei Ashina was one of the three prominent Asian actors who died in three days at the age of 36, the other two being Oh In-Hye and Alien Huang.

About Sei Ashina: 

Sei Ashina, real name Aya Igarashi, was a well-known Japanese actress. She was born on 22 November 1983 in Fukushima, Japan. Very little is known about her life before her TV debut. All we know is that she pursued modelling before entering the film industry. Sei Ashina Cause of Death was suicide.

Films and shows she has starred in: 

Ashina made her acting debut in 2002 with the TV series The Tail of Happiness. She continued to model for magazines like CanCam and Pinky in the same year. She starred as Hime in the superhero TV series Kamen Rider Hibiki. Sei Ashina is also known for her role as The Girl in Silk, a Canadian film directed by Francois Girard and starring Michael Pitt and Keira Knightley.

Ashina made her voice acting debut in the Japanese version of Revenge, a 2011 United States-based TV series. She has also appeared in Ship of Theseus, AI Amok, Yae’s Sakura, Aibo (Partner)and many more.

How Did Sei Ashina Die?

As mentioned earlier, Sei Ashina was found dead in her apartment on 14 September 2020, and the reports and Police investigated and found the cause behind her death to be suicide. We hope you now know the answer.

Final Words:

People who come to this world leave it one day. And all we are left with are their memories and the moments spent with them. Sei Ashina  was a well-established Japanese actress who had landed several significant roles in films. She died in September 2020, and people recently asked about Sei Ashina Cause of Death.

Have you watched any movies or shows starring Sei Ashina? Let us know in the comments.

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