Queerdle Wordle {March} Explore Its Unique Features!

This article tells you about Queerdle Wordle, do read the article to find out each and every detail of the game.

You might have heard about the Wordle game before. But there is this exciting version of Wordle wordgame; it is an alternative to such word games. People seem to be enjoying this word game. This word game is oriented explicitly to the LGBTQ community, and it has around six to eight-letter words to guess based on the LGBTQ references.

It is called Queerdle because of its theme. Are you impressed by the uniqueness of the Queerdle Wordle, then you are at the correct place. Stay till the end to know more about the unique game in detail, which has become quite popular Worldwide.

About Queerdle

Queerdle is a simple word game that is wholly based on the references or slang of the LQBTQ community; for example, it includes words like Switch, Frock, etc. Similarly, like Wordle, it gives you six chances to guess a word that consists of six to eight letters. In this game, you get a lot of references from some well-known drag artists. Queerdle Wordle Game is pretty simple and yet enjoyable to try.

How to play?

This game comes up with a new challenge every day, which gives you six attempts to reach the right word once you start guessing the word, the block changes to either green, yellow or grey. The green colour represents that your prediction is correct, yellow shows that the letter you have guessed is correct but is in the wrong place, whereas the grey colour states that the guessed letter does not come in this word. All you have to do is keep guessing.

Queerdle Wordle rules

This word game is cloned because of its unique queer theme. It has different quotes and pop-ups appearing on the screen. For example, if you guess correctly, you get a pop-up saying, “Shantay, you stay.” It is a reference from RuPaul’s Drag race. The difference about this game is that it takes your suggestion for their guesses if you have another word while guessing.

Pros of this game

Queerdle is a unique word game that has a special LGBTQ empowering message. This game is an alternate to Wordle, known as Queerdle Wordle, which gives you a simple interface to play word games fun yet informative. There are undoubtedly good points about the game as follows:

  • It is an informative game.
  • It helps you focus and increases your ability to sharpen your mind.
  • It creates awareness about the LGBTQ community.
  • It helps one understand the history and slang of the queer community.


With the increasing popularity of these word games, there is this new clone of the Wordle game. It aims at the LGBTQ theme, which is surprisingly enjoyable to try. We recommend you to try this Queerdle Wordle which gives you six attempts to guess the right word.

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