Program Call Back Event {July 2022} Explore Details!

Want to know about Program Call Back Event? Read ahead and get the important details about the event.

Are you aware of the Free Fire Call Back event? Well, you can know about it through the information provided below. It was observed that the event is massively popular in the regions of India. The people are eagerly waiting for the rewards.

Program Call Back Event helps to know that the event allows gamers to earn rewards and invite their friends back to the battleground. Also, with this, the players can win diamond royale vouchers.

What is the news about?

The news is regarding the new event called the Call Back Free Fire MAX. The rewards available in the event allow the players to make it special every time and the players have the chance of winning 19999 diamonds every time from the crate.

After the users complete the objectives, they can get access to 16 crates. This will help in improving the chances of winning the reward. Program Call Back Event shows that the event of the Free Fire began on 23rd July 2022 and will continue till 27th July. 

The event is very expressive and helps the players earn diamonds and even some cosmetic items included in the game. In addition, there is a list of rewards available to the users. These are valid till 31st August. In these, the players can call back 1 to 7 friends. And by doing this, they can win 1 to 7-time battles in the crate and even the weapon royale vouchers.

Important points on Program Call Back Event:

  • The users need to launch the battle royale on their devices and, after that, head to the events portion.
  • Here one can find the battle option in style and look for the call back friends menu.
  • Later one needs to click on the callback option available on the screen. A dialogue box will appear.
  • After that, the users can press the invite option and use this to share with their friends. When the friends return, the users’ progress is likely to increase.
  • The crate of diamonds, however, can be opened with the vault section.

Views of people on Program Call Back Event:

To believe in the sources it is observed that the free fire game is very popular among the people. The various events that this function carries out are liked by a lot of the people. Moreover, it is seen that this new event helps the users win crates of diamonds; therefore, the players are sharing their invites. There is a lot of discussion on the internet regarding it as well.

The bottom line:

Thus, we see that the free fire call-back event starts from 23rd July to 27th July. So, the users waiting for the event can start sending the invites and be a part of the call-back event.

What are your views on Program Call Back Event? Do let us know in the comments.

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