Profilepicture.Com {May} Explore Its Hidden Facts Here!

This post on will guide the readers on the scam news related to this application. Read this post to get a detailed update.

Do you use social media? Every person has an account on their social media handles. People want to keep themselves updated. Many people in the United States, Australia, the United Kingdom, and the Netherlands are talking about Profile Picture Application. What is

In this write-up, you will learn about a new application and get information if it is a scam. Kindly read this post to learn everything about the profile pic app.

Why is this application trending?

This application offers a unique feature that can transform your picture. When you click and upload your picture in this application, it can change it into a painted picture. But, some people are talking and saying that this application is a Russian Scam. It is an online scam, and the application belongs to Russia. This rumour around the world makes it trending and a source of conversation. and New Profile Pic App seems different.

Is New Profile Pic App Safe Or Scam?

Here we will discuss the details that will update the users on when this site was developed.

  • Registration Date: July 31, 2005, is the registration date. New Profile Pic is an old application. 
  • Trust Score: The profile picture application got a sixty-eight percent trust factor.
  • Social media: It is not found on social media platforms. But it is available on Google Play and Apple Store. You can install this application from these servers. 
  • Feedback: We have reviews on Google Play which gives it a rating of 4.5/5. 

Based on the above details, it is hard to find if this application, New Profilepicture Com, really belongs to Russia. Further, we will share some scam information related to it.

Scam related to New Profile pic Application

Many people are using this application, but now some social platform users claim that this application is stealing information and it is a Russian application linked to the Kremlin. At the same time, some other people felt that they were taking money from the people’s bank accounts. 

Besides this, some users shared their views and said it is malware. One user shared a screenshot of its privacy policy and asked everyone not to use it as Profilepicture Com is a scam. The privacy policy does not seem to be up to mark, and people should be aware while granting access to certain terms and conditions of the app before uploading any picture and data on it.


Summing up this post, we have informed our readers about the new profile picture hack. We request the users be updated with the privacy policy. You must read the policy before using this application. Be aware while granting any permission or giving any access to the app as it redirects to third party website Please check this link to know more details on Profile Picture Application

Would you like to give your views on Please comment on your views to help other users know more details about this application.

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