Poeltl Nba Guessing Game (March 2022) Recent Updates!

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Word guessing games are the new trends in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and Japan, where your task is to guess the word from the clues in particular attempts.

Wordle, Hurdle, and BTS Heardle are the best examples that attract a specific group audience.

Similarly, a new game like Wordle is launched called “Poeltl,” named after Jakob Poeltl for NBA fans.

But, before talking about Poeltl Nba Guessing Game in this article, let’s quickly find out what it is NBA? And who is Jakob Poeltl?

What is NBA? And who is Jakob Poeltl?

Basketball is the most popular sport after Cricket, Football, and Volleyball globally.

While the NBA (National Basketball Association) is considered the best professional basketball, it also features the best players globally.

Thus, making it on the list of most fans (2.2 billion) worldwide.

The 7.1ft Jakob Poeltl (No. 25) is also a professional basketball player for the San Antonio Spurs of the NBA. He has currently 70 thousand plus followers on Instagram.

He was born in Vienna, Austria, where his parents were members of national volleyball teams. 

Poeltl Nba Guessing Game

The game was developed by Gabe Danon and published on 25th February 2022.

As the name, ‘Poeltl’ itself clears out the structure or the ideology on which the game has been introduced.

Like Wordle, you have eight chances to guess or identify the name of a mystery NBA player from the series of clues like – Team, Division, Age, Height, Position, Number, and conference.

The colors will also help you to identify the player. Where green in any column means a match, Yellow in Team means the player played for the team but not currently, Yellow in position means a partial match to the player’s position, etc.

Poeltl Nba Guessing Game went viral among NBA fans after the creator posted the link on Twitter.

Public Reaction

The most exciting thing that could happen regarding this game is to see the Poeltl playing ‘poeltl’, and it happened.

Recently, Jakob Poeltl and Chase Shannon of News 4 San Antonio tried the game.

However, Chase Shannon posted the video on Twitter, where Poeltl struggled a bit at first but eventually succeeded in the 6th attempt with the help of silhouette.

Although, the crazy basketball enthusiasts love the concept of the game and appreciate the creator’s work.

And excited to learn more about their favorite sport and players through Poeltl Nba Guessing Game.


‘Poeltl’ is a word guessing game just like Wordle, where one has to guess the name of a mystery basketball player based on clues given in only 8 attempts.

Poeltl named after the Austrian professional basketball player Jakob Poeltl’ of NBA.

After that, the game went viral after the creator, Gabe Danon, posted the link on his Twitter account.

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