Nba Guessing Game (March 2022) All Essential Facts!

If you are looking for games that coincide with your love for NBA games, then this article focuses on details of the new Nba Guessing Game.

Are you a dedicated NBA fan who can’t wait for the NBA season? Then there is a solution for you folks. The solution is in the form of a game that will keep you connected with the NBA world. This game is for every fan, be it people from the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, or Australia

The game is introduced to NBA fans via Twitter and is called Nba Guessing Game. So if this has piqued your interest, let’s get into further details of the game without delay.

What is the game? 

Before we begin with exciting aspects of the game, here are a few details that will help you grasp the game better. According to our search, the game is said to be developed by Dunktown. This game is named after one of the great players of the NBA, Jakob Poeltl. He is a star player for the San Antonio Spurs in the NBA basketball games. 

From the name itself, we can guess that Nba Guessing Game is a guessing game introduced to the fans via Twitter and has gained much attention since then. It is a great spin-off of the game called Wordle that is dedicated to basketball fans. 

How to play?

Now that we have some basic information about the game let’s find out how it’s played. As with most games, this game also has some rules that make it exciting. We have charted down some for you below: 

  1. The game has an official website that the players have to visit. 
  2. When the players have to type their guess in the Nba Guessing Game box given. 
  3. The players have 8 chances to guess the correct name of the player. Make sure to go with the names of currently active NBA players. 
  4. If the column turns green, then your guess was correct. 
  5. If the column for team turns yellow when you type in your guess, that means the player is currently not playing for the team. 
  6. There is also a silhouette mode for players to take help. 
  7. Every day, the game has a new player for guessing, which keeps things exciting. 

Nba Guessing Game Reviews 

The NBA fans have made the game a superhit since it was announced on Twitter. According to the sources, it has become one of the most searched games online. It is evident from the number of scores posted on Twitter by the game players that it is becoming a fan favourite.

If you are interested in trying out the game, click here.


Therefore we all can conclude that the creator’s efforts have been appreciated and adored by the people online. It is yet to see how long this game will be able to keep up the audience’s attention, but so far, the game is flaring well.

Have you played Nba Guessing Game yet? Please tell us what you feel about this game in the comment section below. 

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