Obituary Rannita Williams {Aug 2022} Explore The Facts!

This article reports the anecdotes of the case of Obituary Rannita Williams to let visitors learn about her shooting, as recorded on April 12, 2018.

What price must a Black Woman pay to move on in her life safely? Why do troubled men keep coming up with duplicitous rules in monogamy, and why must their psychological baggage cause the death of a bright, young woman? 

Various North American journalists in the US and Canada have thoroughly covered the happenings of the sad day. Obituary Rannita Williams is written to chronicle the events of the day of her passing and to honor Williams. 

How she died?

Rannita Williams, a twenty-seven-year-old Black Woman from Shreveport, Louisiana, was shot at her own home. On April 12, 2018, Rannita Williams was shot by Jonathan Robinson during a Facebook live stream. Jonathan Robinson, the perpetrator, was an ex-boyfriend to Rannita and showed up at her house on April 12, 2018, with a handgun. 

She and Robinson had called it quits two years before the killing. Rannita Williams worked as an interior designer and Hairdresser. She had three kids. Public interest in Obituary Rannita Williams had landed the crime in a television episode on Web of Lies on Investigation Discovery. 

In a threatening verbal exchange, Robinson ordered Williams to apologize, broadcast on the eighty-minute live stream. By then, Jonathan had fired six shots that struck her multiple times in the knee, torso, and upper body area. Robinson was given the death penalty. 

However, through a plea deal, he was imprisoned with a life sentence with no parole. Robinson had been an ex-convict who had served jail sentences for robbery, domestic violence and shooting a man in the leg. 

The aftermath of Robinson and the violence on Obituary Rannita Williams:

Robinson had been charged with a first-degree murder attempt on Rannita Williams in January 2019. He had also injured the policemen that Jamarsay Williams had secretly called during the shooting. Robinson was also charged with felonies for owning a handgun and causing criminal damage to private property. His bail was set at a whopping $2.5 million. 

How do her family and the community cope?

The city of Shreveport organized Rannita’s funeral on April 21, 2018. To this day, the children, the mother and the brother of the deceased, cope with the loss of their beloved, who had to suffer the frustrations of a psychologically unfit man. The Obituary Rannita Williams case serves as a testimony that women of color are the most prominent victims of hate crimes and abuse, and it is the men around them who usually inflict it. Read more here about Rannita Williams & Bio 


The shooting of Rannita Williams by her ex-boyfriend, Jonathan Robinson, was deeply disturbing. It promises a bleak future for women who choose to move on with their lives and not live them in the conditions of other men around them. 

Several women and minorities sadly face the same reality as the case of Obituary Rannita Williams. Do you have any other similar stories to tell? Tell us in the comment box below. 

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