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Whether you’ve just read about online arbitrage and are evaluating this business model or you’re a professional arbitrage seller with an established business, you need profitable deals and products to succeed in this marketplace. Product sourcing is the pillar of online arbitrage, and products can make or break a business. 

Are you opening a new online arbitrage business and wondering where you can find profitable products? Or maybe you have been in the business for a long time, but you haven’t seen much revenue. This is where OABeans comes in! 

Keep reading to find out what OABeans is and how it can help your Amazon business flourish. 

What is OABeans?

OABeans is an online arbitrage sourcing lists provider. But what are sourcing lists? 

As you may already know, online arbitrage has many advantages but one of its downsides is the time you must spend searching for products. Product sourcing is a time-consuming task, and it may take you hours to find one profitable deal, which can be exhausting. And since online arbitrage is all about finding the right products, you cannot simply skip this task and buy anything that seems profitable. 

A huge part of an Amazon seller’s time goes to identifying discounted products in online marketplaces or retail stores. This means the seller must spend hours searching on various websites to find products with high-profit margins. The only solution to this problem is buying a sourcing list from companies like OABeans: a list of profitable products ready for you to explore and purchase to grow your business. 

What Are the Usages of OABeans Website?

As mentioned before, OABeans offers the best sourcing lists for online arbitrage sellers on Amazon, but this isn’t the only service they offer! 

You can also sign up for their ungating plans, which help you sell restricted products and categories on Amazon. Getting ungated on Amazon is essential for anyone who wants to have a professional and successful business in this marketplace. Many sellers don’t bother themselves with ungating, so Amazon’s gated categories are less competitive and more profitable. 

OABeans offers ungating services in several Amazon marketplaces, including US, CA, UK, FR, DR, JP, MX, and UAE. Their ungating plans are classified into three groups: category approval, brand approval, and ASIN approval.

Now, back to the subject of online arbitrage sourcing lists. OABeans offers several different plans for starters, semi-pros, and professionals. Let’s see what these plans are: 

  • Lima: special for Q4 – $48/week 
  • Fayot: starter list – $99/month
  • Toys & Games: semi-pro list – $109/month 
  • Pinto (most popular plan): pro list – $129/month 
  • Adzuki: semi-exclusive list – $298/month 

Pros & Cons of OABeans 

Like any other service provider, OABeans has its pros and cons. Knowing them can help you decide whether you should purchase their services or not: 


  • Buying OABeans online arbitrage sourcing lists and using them is pretty easy! After choosing your plan, you’ll get fresh leads in your inbox from the next working day. You can use the list by clicking on the product source, buying the product, and listing it on your Amazon seller account. 
  • By doing an IP complaint check, OABeans makes sure users don’t face suspension because of unlawfully using a company’s intellectual property by reselling the lists on Amazon. 
  • The lists are free of hazmat, fragile, or oversized items, which makes them easier to sell and ship. 
  • OABeans checks Amazon’s price chart for each deal. If a product has a 90-day or 30-day badge, it is reliably profitable and has the lowest price in the past 90 or 30 days. It is also eligible for winning the buy box. 
  • OABeans’ deals are in the top 1% best-sellers rank (BSR) with up to 75% average ROI and $14 average profit. 
  • OABeans offers a 3-day money-back guarantee and supportive customer service. 


  • The lists are a combination of gated and ungated products, so you may have to get ungated in some categories. 
  • According to some users, it would be better if the OABeans website had a user profile to access the deals. 
  • Sometimes the products may be out of stock, so make sure you check the sourcing lists as soon as possible! 

Is OABeans the Best Tool to Find OA Leads?

By reading user comments and reviews, we can confidently say that OABeans offers the best online arbitrage sourcing lists in the market. They check the leads against various criteria, such as: 

  • Using various websites and suppliers to avoid “out of stock” messages
  • Checking the leads’ profit margin and ROI to ensure they meet customer expectations
  • Checking if the item is profitable just now or if it will continue being profitable in the future
  • Checking product rankings
  • Checking Products’ sizes and whether they’re considered HAZMATs 
  • The number of sellers buying the same sourcing lists 

Best Alternatives for OABeans

OABeans may offer the best online arbitrage sourcing lists, but it’s not the only provider out there. If for any reason, you decide to purchase leads from another provider, you can check out the websites below: 

1) OAHunt

OAHunt is an online arbitrage sourcing lists provider that has been in the business since 2020. It helps Amazon sellers scale and streamlines their businesses using online arbitrage leads and tools. Their lists are tiered in conjugation with the number of maximum subscribers for each of them. The leads are diverse, have limited competition, and they offer great customer service. 

2) OA Leads Pro

OA Leads Pro is another service provider that offers great sourcing lists that are manually sourced and fully vetted, have a low number of members, and also include retail arbitrage leads for in-store purchases. They offer various plans with a maximum number of 30 or 20 members.

3) FBA Lead List

FBA Lead List offers top-notch online arbitrage leads that help you free your time and energy, expand sales quickly, maximize margins and profit, expand your inventory line, and save money. They have been active since 2015 and offer various plans with a maximum number of 44 members. 


As an Amazon seller, purchasing an online arbitrage sourcing list is the most effective way to save time and energy, and focus on promoting your products. However, you must buy these lists from a reliable and trustworthy provider. 

OABeans is one of the best online arbitrage sourcing list providers with various plans and a lot of positive reviews. If you want to succeed as an online arbitrage seller, we recommend using OABeans’ services. 

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