Navigating the Aftermath of a Lyft Accident: Essential Legal Steps to Take

Lyft accidents are common nowadays, and they can happen to anyone. According to a Lyft accident lawyer Los Angeles, the aftermath of this situation represents the biggest difficulty for the participants. From long-term injuries and expensive treatments to serious financial costs.

As road users, it is important to be careful, but always ready for what to do after a collision. For this purpose, we made this article where we’ll talk about the legal steps after an accident. Keep reading and find out more.

Get treatment 

Before any legal steps, you must be sure you are okay. For that reason, keep yourself calm and get medical treatment as soon as you can. You should be checked by a medical professional even if you are not experiencing any symptoms because, in case of underlying injuries, your situation will be complicated. 

Give a statement to the police

The police come along with the ambulance, to assess the situation, and take statements from witnesses as well as from the participants in the crash. While giving the statement, you should be calm and say only the truth. Lastly, as Lyft accident lawyer Los Angeles suggests, ask where can you get a copy of the report so you have evidence for your claim.

Hire a Lyft accident attorney

By hiring a Lyft accident attorney, you are ensuring yourself your case will be properly represented, and your rights will be protected. Getting in contact with the lawyer should be done as soon as you can, so you don’t make any mistakes. 

The attorney will direct you toward collecting the needed evidence and will be guiding you throughout the whole settlement process.

Collect evidence from the spot

The evidence you can get on the spot is usually pictures of the crash and the damage to the vehicles. Be sure to take the photos from multiple angles to show the situation as a whole. Also, be sure to get the contacts of the witnesses. 

Inform Lyft about the accident

Although the driver must have already reported the situation to Lyft, you should do so as well. Informing the company about the crash is an essential process before filing a complaint. 

However, according to a Lyft accident lawyer Los Angeles, you should be careful about the details you write because you can harm your complaint. To that end, having an attorney by your side will help you in sending an accurate report. 

Get information about both drivers

When you get into an accident when you are driving, you are usually demanding contact from the other driver. However, if you are a passenger, you should get information from both you and the other driver. Besides contact, getting information about their insurance firms is highly important for the next step.

File separate claims to both insurance firms 

You don’t know how long the settlement process will take, so instead of filing a claim to one of the insurance firms, is best to file claims to the insurance companies of both drivers. 

That way, you’ll be sure you have not missed the claim deadline, and you’ll be compensated when the liability is found out.

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