Name And Shame Discord Scam {July} All Hidden Facts Here

Read exclusive facts unavailable elsewhere about the Name and Shame Discord Scam, which aimed at affecting the login process.

Are you concerned about the security of your online accounts on social media in the United StatesCanada, and the United Kingdom? Did you know that hackers have designed a new trick since the beginning of July? Do you know how the scam works? What is the aim of the scam? How to identify if the message you receive is a scam? 

We bring you extensive facts below on the Name and Shame Discord Scam.

About and

Name and Shame is a new message circulating on Discord with the hashtag #shame. The message consists of a URL link First, the message urges the users to click on the link. 

Next, a scanner code is displayed to log in to the server. Once you scan the code, the hacker will get access to your discord account. Hence, Name and Shame Discord is a SCAM. is also accessible as Unfortunately, the link and the scanner code trick the desktop users and affecting the login process via PC. 

Name and Shame Discord Reddit:

Once the code is scanned, the hacker gets access to your account and sends the #shame message to all your friends. It is how the #shame post is spreading and getting discussed on Reddit blogs. Next, your friend will see that you have messaged him. Now, the scammer, to create an urgency, had framed a message that gives an impression of blackmail. 

The hacker message says that – You had sent a gift to a girl who had the NAME and the SHAME avatar(the profile picture on Discord), and the gift was unethical. Let’s check What Is Name and Shame Discord? The hacker uses profanity in the message and hashtags his message saying #shame on you for sending such a gift to a girl. 

The hacker includes in the message that your friend will not speak to you until you explain what has happened and advises you to join the discussion on the scam link given above. The ignorant user gets confused (as they do not know that the message is from a hacker, but not from their friend) and clicks on the link to chat with their friend to clear any confusion as plotted in Name and Shame Discord Scam.

Again the link generates a scanner code, the user scans the code letting the hacker gain access to their account, and finally, the hacker sends the same message to another account’s friend list by creating urgency and posting a message giving an impression of blackmail.


The Name and Shame Scam was identified as several users who received such spam messages from their friends’ list who were not in contact for a long time. Furthermost, the users did not send any gifts to anyone. The people who were able to understand such a scam immediately changed their password and activated Two-factor authentication(2FA). 

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