Moment Drink Review (Jan 2022) Is This Product Safe To Use?

Moment Drink Review (Jan 2022) Is This Product Safe To Use? >> Please read this article to know about a healthy drink and its legitimacy details along with its key features that claims to improve health issues. 

Moment Drink Review: Everyone has at least one preferred drink, which they have now and then. Are you addicted to coffee? Does your drink is beneficial for your health or harms you? 

Are you looking for a healthy drink which you can have daily? If yes, we will take you on the journey about one such product- A moment drink. is a United States-based website that provides a moment drink. The company claims that the drink is better than other alternatives with 0-caffeine and has very fewer calories.  

In this review, we will discuss everything about a moment’s drink like – Is Moment Drink Legit, its pros & cons, its health benefits, etc., so please keep on reading.

About Moment Drink:

Moment drink claims to be more relaxing and beneficial than any meditation. It is a non-carbonated drink with zero added flavours or colours. Moment drink’s story began from a highly recognized show- called “The Shark Tank.” It was massively appreciated and gained immense popularity.

Some say that green tea is the best drink out there, but the moment drink is giving it a tough competition. 

A moment drink is a botanical drink that contains ashwagandha and L-theanine. Moment Drink Review found out that the drink’s primary ingredient, l-theanine is abstracted from green tea, and ashwagandha is an ancient medicinal herb that is scientifically proven to help the human- brain and our body to lower stress. 

Together, these ingredients help your body and brain reach a meditative state of clarity within 20 minutes after drinking the moment drink.

Pros of Moment Drink:

  • Not everyone can meditate daily, and this is an excellent alternative.
  • The drink is low calorie (just 9-15, which is insanely low) and caffeine-free
  • It can be consumed while being on a keto diet too.
  • Moment Drink Review researched and approved product.
  • The product has been made with scientifically proven raw materials, which are good for our health and mind.
  • No added sugar or artificial colouring used in the product
  • Available in three flavours- Hibiscus Dragon Fruit, Rooibos Blood Orange, and Tulsi Lemon
  • Made 100% from natural ingredients 

Cons of Moment Drink:

  • The beverage is highly expensive, and there are other cheaper alternatives available in the market.
  • The product is freshly released and is not known to a maximum of green-tea or coffee consumers. 
  • The drink might not be suitable for everyone and have some side-effects.
  • Real customer reviews are not present or are limited.  
  • Available only in the United States
  • The taste of MomentDdrink might be acquired for some buyers. 

Is Moment Drink Legit?

Today in this competitive world, one has lots of choices according to our needs. Although, which might be the best product for you and whether it is a scam or not requires a lot of research to be done.  

Moment drink is a well-designed product that is very pleasing and appealing to look-at. Many widely popular websites and media such as – Forbes, Shark Tank, Glamour, Refinery29, etc., have covered moment drink in their article. 

There are reviews available on its website, and the product is also available on The feedback has proved that the product Moment Drink is legit indeed with many positive features, although we should never forget about the drawbacks of any product. 

Who can judge a product better than its customers, right? So let us move ahead and please read this review till the end.

Moment Drink Review:

Each consumer or customer has their expectations and thoughts from the product. Some seek taste, while others seek its effects. We checked almost every corner of the internet and found that there aren’t too many customer reviews available as the product is newly launched. 

According to, Moment Drink made some people quit their addiction to tea or coffee. People reported that the drink helped them relax and made their mind and concentration sharper.

There are negative reviews, too, stating that the drink tastes like “trash” and doesn’t even have any positive impact afterward. Drinking it too much might cause you a headache, make you lose sleep, or feel nauseous.


Moment Drink Review concludes the product to be legit. Moment Drink is a beverage that helps you feel meditated without actually meditating, enables you to concentrate, and is healthy. But, its drawbacks are high pricing, tastelessness, and not being much popular. 

Which drink you prefer? Mention the options in the comment section below.

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