What are the Necessary Skills to Become a Microsoft Azure Administrator?

Microsoft Azure Administrator: It is true that with the breakneck speed of change and the immense impact emerging technology may have on a company, now is a better time than ever to take on a sought-after role like Microsoft Azure Administrator. Without a doubt, Microsoft Azure is one of the most outstanding and ubiquitous cloud services available today. The job role of an Administrator is at the top of the most popular jobs linked with Azure. One can foster the ability to succeed in Microsoft Azure’s most essential areas and prepare for the AZ-104 exam by undergoing Azure training and gaining a Microsoft Azure certification. 

What does an Azure Director do?

Azure is a unique cloud computing platform that allows customers to manage many cloud platforms, including data storage, transformation, etc. The users need to have good internet connectivity and link to the Azure platform to access this data. Microsoft cloud certification holds immense value as it shows that the candidate is adept in real-world skills. 

The Azure director administers, monitors Azure solutions, and works on storage, management, identification, network services, and computing.

An Azure Administrator is in charge of setting up, monitoring and managing Microsoft Azure solutions, including significant computing, storage, network, and security services.

Azure Administrator’s day-to-day duties:

In Azure infrastructure, the duties are to restart/bounce Azure clusters, virtual machines, and components. 

  1. Build and maintain switch space on existing public cloud following client regulations, relying on the existing cloud infrastructures.
  2. Skills to compose custom scripts to automate support activities when appropriate, Skills to power off/down un-used VMs, ability to identify and handle issues at the Azure level
  3. Effortlessly manage Azure profiles and subscriptions.

Tasks of an Azure Administrator:

There seems to be no fast way to being an expert Azure administrator. To stay in touch with business norms, one must make regular attempts. Azure is among the most popular platforms because of its simplicity. Hence, it would help to emphasize mastering the underlying concepts before choosing a position in Azure Network Management. Azure certification training is constantly updated and continues with the present-day industrial changes. The essential Azure administrator abilities are listed below.

  1. A detailed analysis of critical cloud services assets is required for an Azure specified job role. This would aid benefits of cloud networking, analytics, applications, and computing essentials.
  2. Individuals interested in working in Azure Network Management must have basic Microsoft abilities. Experience with Microsoft Office 365 is required. As a consequence, you’ll be enabled to see how these services work together effortlessly with Azure.
  3. Coding awareness is an essential consideration. Prior knowledge of open-source platforms and coding languages such as Java, Sql, and HTML5 is preferred.


The Facilities model is commonly connected with the Azure director. It’s the same thing as cloud-based virtual computers (VMs). To be a good Azure Director, you must be familiar with one or more of the manufacturing virtualization portals:

  • VMware vSphere 
  • Microsoft Hyper-V

Administrative duties connected to VM include:

  • VM deployment in virtual networks
  • VM configuration for best price, performance, and security
  • Backup and perhaps failover recovery of virtual machines

 Storage implementation and management:

Administrators have unlimited storage on Azure. Administrators must optimize this shared storage area while also keeping it secure. Microsoft supplies the tools, but administrators must know to use them. The administrator must understand how to manage storage backups for security and restoration purposes.

Primary duties include:

  • Data protection against illegal access
  • Backing up data to make it simple to retrieve when necessary
  • Set up long-term archival preservation to maintain company legality.

 Network configuration:

Because the paradigm of Transmission Control Protocol internet working is vast, many IT experts find it challenging to grasp. Also, this complexity increases since the hardware underneath the Azure proposed network is hidden.

If you desire to be a successful Azure Administrator, you must be familiar with the following networking tasks:

  • Virtual network deployment and configuration
  • Putting together routing paths, particular in a cloud system
  • Controlling IP addresses for one’s VMs and Azure resources, both public and private.

Putting safety and online security in place:

The firm’s confidential information is present on somebody else’s network. Inside the Azure cloud platform, the risks are tremendous. Like an Azure Director, you are accountable for using Microsoft’s extensive protections due to the shared accountability paradigm of cloud technology. Like a representative, you’ll require the following abilities:

  • Intercepting sensitive data in route, at repose, and during use
  • Reducing the threat performances of all Azure services


With the help of Azure certifications and the required Azure training, one can excel in today’s digitally dominated world. Microsoft certifications pave the way to a lucrative IT career by seamlessly demonstrating one’s skills. 

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