FAQ of Cisco Certification Update

Cisco announced in June a significant update of Cisco certification program. Today, we interviewed CCIE examiner Andy about all the relevant information. He will answer some question about all the innovation in detail.

Why are some certifications removed from the certification portfolio? Does this mean that my relevant certification is no longer valid? (e.g. CCNA Wireless, CCNA Security)

A: We have integrated the CCNA program in a comprehensive exam that covers cross technology entry-level network skills, such as basic IP basics, network access, IP connectivity, automation and network programmability basics, and security basics, because a wide range of skills are required when first entering the network. In order to coordinate with the five major technologies, including enterprise, security, service provider, collaboration and data center, we have readjusted our CCNP and CCIE plans. The obsolete plans are integrated in these technology paths.

For example, because wireless skills are critical in any enterprise deployment, we have integrated this skill in the enterprise path. If the topic conforms to more than one potential path, as shown by automation and programming, this topic will become a professional examination for multiple CCNP technology paths. In this case, the same content will be used in different paths. Your current certification is still valid and will be valid before the expiration of the validity period.

At the beginning, users will take a comprehensive examination. At the senior level, users will need to take the core examination and the self-selected professional examination of the same technology path. At the expert level, users will need to take core exams and corresponding laboratory exams.

How will Cisco strive to protect the certification value I currently hold?

A: Cisco certification is one of the most valuable certifications in the industry. All our certification tests are designed and monitored by experts. These examinations are developed by using standardized methods recognized by industries. The certification generated by this method is effective, reliable, valuable and protected by law. We also constantly verify the integrity of the test by monitoring the test site, implementing the requirements for candidates, practicing the test safety, conducting data analysis and investigation related to the safety prompt line.

How will this reform affect Cisco Network Technology Institute?

A: In order to train students to obtain the new CCNA Certification and the new DEVNET Engineer Certification, we are expanding the College of network technology, which is also an expansion of the program. We will not only develop senior level talents in network technology, but also develop senior level talents in software to better meet the expectations of students and potential employers

When the new plan comes into effect on February 24th, 2020, what will happen to my existing certification?

A: For CCNA, senior talents and CCNP: your current certification is still valid and will be valid before the expiration of the validity period. When the new program takes effect on February 24th, 2020, your current certification will be converted to the equivalent certification in the new program.

For CCIE: if you are a valid CCIE, your suspended year will be converted to a valid year. For example, if your valid CCIE will be suspended from April 21st, 2020, you will remain valid until April 21st, 2021.

How can I obtain technical certification related to my work due to the reduction of technical paths?

A: We have designed a new training and certification program that is customized on demand. For example, CCNP contains more options than ever before, and you can choose professional examinations. If you complete the training, you can obtain the training certificate. If you pass the written invigilated examination of the technology and skills directly related to your work, interests and aspirations, you can obtain the advanced talent certification.

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