Essay Writing Steps for Beginners

You have quite often come across the word essay. It is an important part of a student’s life, especially in school duration. Essay writing usually begins in junior school and then it goes with life. In any phase either as a student or a teacher, you have to write down an essay.

It is not a difficult job but needs brainstorming and a little bit of effort.

An essay is a piece of your writing which contains your idea, along with the evidence or analysis. Its length depends upon you or the requirements according to which you are writing. For a beginner, it might feel like a tricky job as it requires creativity but by following some simple steps you can easily write a good and interesting essay.

Discussed below are some of the steps to write an essay that will prove quite useful for you especially if you are a beginner.

Here are Some Steps for Essay Writing 

Here are 8 basic steps for writing an essay.

  • Determine the Type of Essay

First of all, select the type of essay you are going to write. There are 4 types of essays from which you will decide and choose, which one you want to write.

These four types include:

  • Narrative essay: In this, you will write down as you are telling a story.
  • Expository essay: This is a type of essay in which you guide your reader on how to do a certain task. For example, write an essay in which you have given step by step instructions on how to write an effective article.
  • Descriptive essay: Put light on all the details that what is happening. For example, write an essay on a trip to the zoo.
  • Persuasive essay: In this, you are writing to convince your readers about a certain point of view.

So before writing, first of all select the type. This will also aid you in choosing the topic of your interest.

  • Pick an Interesting Topic

The most important step to follow when writing down your essay is to focus on the topic. Everything depends on the topic you choose. Your topic should be clear and brief. Writing an essay is not possible without selecting a proper topic. 

For choosing an essay’s topic, just sit and think for a while. Write down on a paper some topics coming in your mind. Once you have written all the topics then you just need to shortlist from them the best one. Select a topic that is not too brief or too long and one which you think you have more ideas about it.

  • Do Some Research:

Once you have decided on the topic, the next step is to do some research on it. Before doing any work, it is important to first gather some information about it. Read different books or you can check them online. 

This will be helpful as you can get to know about other person’s perspectives and also readers’ points of view. Reading different people writing on similar topics also helps you to generate a new idea. 

But taking help from other articles results in plagiarism. 

So, if you want to use any content either containing 100 words or even 1000 words from the other sources, you can surely rephrase online.

When you rephrase online, you can use anyone’s content in different wordings and in different sentence structure.

  • Draw a Road Map

To do any work, you should always lay a plan for what way it will go. Similarly while writing an essay after selecting your essay layout, a roadmap in which you should discuss the point in which direction your content will move.

Sketching a plan will be very helpful while writing because it will contain all the important points so just in case you forget something while writing you can check the road map. It will also show how organized and well written is and reflect the thought process behind it.

Moreover, this will be also beneficial for the reader as by looking at the road map one can easily get to know about the content. It will save time and develops interest.

  • Write an Interesting Introductory Paragraph

The introduction of your essay should be very appealing. A person will only read further if his/her interest develops and this depends upon the introduction of your content.

If the start of your essay is not attractive then the reader will lack interest. The more exciting and interesting introduction will be the more people it will attract. Most importantly your introductory paragraph should be relevant to the topic and should not contain irrelevant data.

  • Focus on the Main Body

After writing the introduction, the next step is to pay attention to the main body. It should contain all the major as well as all the minor details also.

Your main body can consist of more than 1 paragraph. For example, if you are writing a narrative essay about a visit to some zoo, you should focus on every minor detail such as at what time you reached, which animals did you see there, what sort of activities you have done etc.

Every aspect should be mentioned properly and thoroughly.

  • Write Down the Conclusion

When you have completed writing your main body, the next step is to write down the conclusion. In this, you have to take it towards the end and close your topic. It can be brief but should relate to the introduction. 

In the beginning, you have outlined the motive for your paper and in the end, you will summarize the main points which contributes to the development of your topic. The ending should be nicely done as it will leave an impact on the reader’s mind.

  • Proof-read your essay:

The last but very crucial step is to look for grammatical as well as spelling mistakes. Your essay should be free of any sort of mistakes, otherwise it will leave a bad impression on the reader.

Always do proofreading before submitting your essay. After writing it, you should read it carefully and thoroughly. You can do this work either manually or with the help of tools. Doing it manually will be time taking therefore to save time you can use various tools available online.


It is not wrong to say that essay writing is a part of life and requires effort. Beginners can feel difficulty while writing an essay. Therefore we have mentioned 8 steps, by following them you can easily write an essay.  

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