Meurobux Roblox (July 2022) All Essential Updates Here!

Meurobux Roblox is a popular search among game users, and we will explore here everything about it and answer some of the queries.

Do you like playing games on Roblox? Roblox indeed is the best platform for gamers and developers, where they have a wide choice of games. Updates, promo codes, rewards, and Robux on Roblox make this platform exciting.

It seems gamers across Brazil face some issues and have queries related to in-game currency, i.e., Robux. Meurobux Roblox is popularly searched, which means “my Robux Roblox” in English. Let us see some of the queries and their answers.

How can you check your Robux?

Robux is the in-game currency of Roblox, and “where is my Robux” is a popular query. So, let us see here how you can find it on the app or browser:

If you are using Roblox Mobile App:

  • Head on to your account on which you have spent or earned Robux.
  • There is a Robux symbol just on the top of the app.
  • Simply tapping that symbol, you can check the balance.

Meurobux Roblox from a web browser:

If you are on a web browser and want to check your balance, then:

  • Head on to your account on which you have spent or earned Robux.
  • Navigate the upper right corner of the screen to know the current balance.

Using the Xbox app? No worries!

Here is how you can check your Robux balance:

  • Go to the Xbox menu and open the Roblox app.
  • Head on to your account on which you have spent or earned Robux.
  • On the main menu, go to the Robux menu.
  • In the bottom left corner, Robux balance is displayed in the “My Balance section.”

How to check Meurobux Roblox history?

  • There are chances that you might want to check all the history of your spending and earnings. For that, you can directly go to “My Transactions.”
  • In the Summary menu, you can check the overall expenses and earnings of Robux.
  • In Spending history, players can check coins they have purchased.
  • Premium Payout allows you to check Robux earned based on Premium members’ time.
  • Through Purchases, you can view your history of virtual items and passes.
  • In Group payments, you can check the contributors.
  • Premium Scholarships you can check the allowance from your premium subscription each month.
  • Good sales Meurobux Roblox will allow you to see sales of virtual items and passes.

How do you get Robux?

You can earn Robux currency in different ways:

  • Purchase it by spending real money.
  • Receive a stipend once you have a membership.
  • You can sell items and get some percentage of profit in Robux.


Roblox is a platform that allows gamers to connect with their friends online and play n number of games. Some users had queries related to Robux, which we have discussed here. Meanwhile, if you are unknown to the Roblox world, visit here and explore your choice.

Did you find Meurobux Roblox? Do not forget to comment and write which Roblox game you like the most!

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