Roblox Trello Bloodlines {July 2022} Read Exclusive News

The article Roblox Trello Bloodlines provides the details about special ability to derive the Naruto power and the ways to get it.

Are you a fan of the famous anime Naruto? Is Naruto Anime associated with any of your favorite childhood memories? If yes, you should try this game to revive your nostalgic Naruto memories. 

Shindo Life is a Naruto-based game developed on the Roblox platform, and it is gaining more popularity in Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom. But here in this article, we will be discussing one unique feature Roblox Trello Bloodlines

The bloodlines

Shindo Life is a popular Roblox game based on the Naruto manga. Trello helps the players to understand the nuance of the game quickly. Recently, the developers of Shindo Life Game updated their Trello content.

The information available on Trello is as follows,

  • Recent updates
  • Bloodline modes (each bloodline will have different modes, e.g., Akuma bloodlines have seven modes)
  • Bloodline stages
  • A Bloodline rarity. 

The game’s Trello account is open to the public, so players can easily access it. The Roblox Wiki is also available to the public, with a detailed explanation of the developer, bloodline leveling tips, jutsu, and rare bloodlines.

Bloodlines Roblox Wiki

Bloodlines are the powers that are derived from the Naruto manga. These are the unique abilities in the Shindo life game developed by Rell. There are three types of bloodlines:

  • Eye (Joke, Akuma, Dokei, Satori, Tengoku, Rengoku, Sengoku, Renshiki, Darkjokei Etc
  • Clan (Nectar, Kerada, Shado, Kaijin, Senko Etc.)
  • Elemental (Steam, Crystal, Atomic, Ice, Lava, Mud, Etc.)

The players can get access to the bloodlines by rolling and spinning. The bloodline bags help the players to know about their respective unlocked Bloodlines. Players must first unlock the ability to play in each mode.

How to access the bloodlines

Roblox Trello Bloodlines provides information on how to access the bloodlines.

Steps are, 

  • Open the Shindo life game, and go to the main menu.
  • There, click the edit menu.
  • In the sub row, click the bloodlines option.
  • Where they will be asked to spin.
  • To spin, players have to get the codes, which will be available on the developers’ (RELL games’) social media forums.
  • For getting the codes, the players should complete their levels and tasks.
  • New users will start with 15 spins.
  • The players can also purchase the extra bloodline slots.


Roblox Trello Bloodlines provided an exclusive column for rare bloodlines. Rare bloodlines have a lower spin chance of 1/6. To obtain the rare bloodline, the players have to roll until their chances become nil, and for every 80 spins, the players will get an opportunity to access the whole rarity spin. The Ability bag area helps the players to learn about each rare bloodline.


So, each bloodline will have some unique powers, so players have to unlock their ability to obtain the required bloodlines of their choice. Playing war, playing at training log, grinding scroll quests, and utilizing eagle companion help the players to level up the bloodlines. Thus, article Roblox Trello Bloodlines described the Shindo life game and its abilities in detail. For more information.  

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