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Learn more about Maxton Hall Original Language, cast plot and many more. Discover below.


  • Maxton Hall is a German TV series available on Amazon Prime Video.
  • Maxton Hall is in its original German language on Amazon Prime Video, but viewers can view it with English subtitles or English dubbing. 

Maxton Hall is a German TV series available on Amazon Prime Video that is based on the book “Save Me” by Mona Kasten. It was released on May 9, 2024 Worldwide, and centred on a modern romance between students attending a prestigious school.

The show has an intriguing storyline that gives viewers an engaging journey of human complexity, showing the consequences of secrets and lies along the way. Where social boundaries melt, and the pursuit of power and love plays out like a game of cat and mouse, Maxton Hall Original Language is one of the best television series at capturing the dynamics of privilege and desire.

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The Maxton Hall Original Language

You may watch “Maxton Hall” in its original German language on Amazon Prime Video. Viewers can still opt to view it with English subtitles or English dubbing. 

The show’s multilingualism makes it easier for viewers to understand and connect with the captivating story, which is based on Mona Kasten’s book “Save Me.” 

The show surpasses barriers to speech by providing a range of language choices, enabling viewers to fully immerse themselves in the Maxton Hall environment, even if they prefer dubbed or subtitled shows. Whichever language they choose, they may still enjoy the drama, mystery, and romance of the series.

Maxton Hall Where to Watch : Cast 

Maxton Hall Where to Watch

Actor Character
Harriet Herbig-Matten Ruby Bell
Damian Hardung James Beaufort
Sonja Weißer Lydia Beaufort
Andrea Guo Lin Wang
Justus Riesner Alistair Ellington
Fedja van Huêt Mortimer Beaufort
Ben Felipe Cyril Vega
Runa Greiner Ember Bell
Martin Neuhaus Angus Bell

Director of Maxton Hall Original Language

The directors of the German show “Maxton Hall” are Tarek Roehlinger and Martin Schreier. Inspired by Mona Kasten’s novel “Save Me,” they beautifully depict the suspense and love story of the series. The series portrays wealthy heir James and scholarship student Ruby as they manage their complicated relationships and unspoken truths at the Maxton Hall school.

Maxton Hall The World Between Us: The Plot

The German show focuses on Ruby Bell, a bright scholarship student at Maxton Hall. 

Ruby’s life unexpectedly changes when she discovers a dispute involving James Beaufort, the wealthy heir. Despite their different socioeconomic backgrounds, Ruby rejects James’s attempt to calm her down with money, and an unexpected bond between them starts to form.

As Ruby attempts to fit into the wealthy social group at school, she struggles with her desires and the moral consequences of her choices. James battles the hollowness that comes from his privileged upbringing as he does this.

“Maxton Hall” goes deeply into their connection.

Maxton Hall Prime Video 

Maxton Hall Prime Video 

Many comments and reviews from viewers are favourable for “Maxton Hall. Critics praise the Maxton Hall, which is widely acclaimed for its captivating storyline and enduring cast of characters, establishing its position as a must-watch for romance and drama fans.

The show puts viewers in the world of Maxton Hall while addressing themes such as social hierarchy, authority relationships, and unexpected passion. Fans of the series are excited about it on social media, praising its unique blend of drama, romance, and intrigue on services like Amazon Prime Video. 

Maxton Hall Original Language: Conclusion

The German TV show Maxton Hall, available on Amazon Prime Video, is based on Mona Kasten’s book “Save Me.” The captivating plot, which is based on Mona Kasten’s book “Save Me,” is made more accessible for audiences to understand and connect to by the show in a variety of languages. “Maxton Hall” has received an enormous amount of compliments from viewers.

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