Macy Home Shop Reviews {Nov 2023} Is This Scam Or Legit?

Learn more about the needful Macy Home Shop Reviews and check whether they are Scam Or Legit in an unbiased manner.

Are you looking for fancy sofas and chairs for your home? Do you also use your furniture as a sleeping bed sometimes? If yes, then you have to purchase yourself the best-quality furniture. Macy’s Home is the one-stop solution for it and it is based on United States.

Thus, in this article, we will discuss Macy Home Shop Reviews and a detailed legitimacy check. So, let’s find out about the shop that sells the best furniture.

Details on customer reviews of Macy home shop

Macy’s Home Shop is an online furniture-selling website based in the United States of America. This site has received lots of reviews from its customers. Upon viewing their customer reviews section, they have gotten more than 200 comments and ratings. In addition to that, Macy’s Home Shop received an overall rating of 5 stars as well.

About Macy Home Shop and Macy Home Shop Reviews

Macy’s Home Shop sells highly tailored furniture to its customers in the United States. And their primary mission is to provide transparent, excellent e-commerce services to their customers. Their headquarters are located at Purple Pin. And one more important thing: There is a famous department store in America under the name “Macy’s” but that store is different from Macy’s home shop.

Products of them are:

  • Recliner chairs
  • Reversible sofa chair
  • Patio set
  • Sofa bed
  • Human dog bed

All these products have received more customer reviews.

Specifications of the website

Is Macy Home Shop Scam Or Legit? It is essential to know the answer to this question because, upon seeing the logo of Macy’s home shop, it seemed to be copied from the legendary Macy’s brand. Hence, this website has already made everyone check its authenticity. So, this section acts as an aid to it.

  • Website link:  
  • Website type: Furniture-selling site
  • Contact number: We couldn’t see Macy’s Home Shop’s contact number. They have referred their customers to social instant messaging but haven’t shared the link or any number.
  • Mailing address:
  • Contact physical address: They have only shared their headquarters details, which are located at Purple Pins.
  • Macy Home Shop Reviews: Impressive customer reviews and higher ratings can be seen on their website.
  • Shipping policy: Based on the customers’ geographical locations, the total shipping time is about 7 to 15 days, and orders above 25 dollars attract free shipping benefits.
  • Refund and return policy: Customers must return their product within 30 days of receiving the orders. After a thorough quality inspection, the customers will get their refunds. In addition to that, a product exchange option is also available.
  • Privacy policy: It is available
  • Payment options: Visa, American Express, Mastercard, JCB, Discover, etc.

The absolute answer to this question, Is Macy Home Shop Scam Or Legit, is yet to be determined. And let us see that in the following section.


  • The website has a separate section for displaying their customer reviews, and in addition to that, they have received about 5-star ratings.
  • They provide free shipping on orders worth over $25.


  • They have stolen the logo and trademark of Macy’s department store as they are. By choosing the same logo, they are deceiving their users. Because many people may order the products thinking they are Macy’s original brand.
  • They notified us of unrealistic discounts of nearly 80 to 90%.
  • No proper customer care numbers are provided.

Is Macy Home Shop Scam Or Legit?

Until now, Macy Shop reviews have only been satisfying, so we have to look into more details to prove the legitimate nature of Macy Home Shop to its customers.

  • Macy Home Shop’s domain created on: October 27, 2023.
  • Domain expiration date: October 27, 2024
  • Age of domain: Currently, the domain is only one month older.
  • Trust score: It has received only 4.9 out of 100.
  • Registrar of the domain: Chengdu West Dimension Digital
  • Social media activity: The website is not on any social media platforms, but the viewers shouldn’t confuse the “Macy’s” Instagram account with “Macy Home Shop,” both are completely different.
  • Macy Home Shop Reviews: Reviews are available.
  • HTTPS presence: An authentic HTTPS certificate is detected.
  • Threat profile and phishing score: 79/100
  • Malware score: 70/100
  • Spam score: 39/100

Summary of the Macy Home Website

Upon viewing all the parameters, this Macy’s Home website is not authentic, even though it has received great reviews. A genuine brand won’t steal any other company name, and in addition to that, on their website, they have added a picture of the Macy’s store to fool people. Online visitors can also read about PayPal scams.


Macy Home Shop Reviews seemed very authentic, but in the comments, the users commented as “Amazon items,” suggesting that this website might have copied the comments from other websites. Hence, this Macy’s home shop website isn’t a legit one.

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What are the parameters to be noted while buying furniture? Comment on it.

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