Lululemon Murders Crime Scene: What Is The Lululemon Case, Also Check Her Autopsy Report!

In this post, we have discussed the Lululemon Murders Crime Scene in detail. So, kindly go through this post.

Have you heard of the Lululemon case? It has gained a lot of media coverage in the United States and other countries. Many citizens who do not know much about it want to know about this case. The Lululemon Murders Crime Scene has been discussed in this post. If you want to know what happened, kindly read it below.


The Crime Scenes of Lululemon Murder

As per sources, Brittany Norwood was the main suspect in this crime, and later it was proved. This murder took place at Lululemon Store in Bethesda, Washington. Brittany was a store worker and killed a fellow mate, Jayna Troxel Murray. Murray’s body was injured on the crime scene with 331 injuries, including wounds and head trauma. It was first-degree killer. Norwood tried to cook a story, but he was found guilty.

The Lululemon Case

The Lululemon murder took place on March 11, 2011. Norwood and Murray were employees of the Lululemon store. Brittany lured Jayna back to the retail store by mentioning to have forgotten her metrocard. The duo was later involved in an argument that turned to murder. Brittany pricked Jayna multiple times. Later, Brittany staged a scene of the crime and said that some intruders invaded. They killed Jayna. But, no such evidence was found. It was later cleared that Jayna had accused Brittany of shoplifting. The defense claimed that it was not premeditated. 

Further, we have shared brief details on the Lululemon Autopsy Report. So, kindly read.

What did Autopsy say?

In an autopsy report, it was found that Jayna was brutally killed. There were 331 injuries on her body, including some wounds and head trauma. She was found dead as the injuries made her survival difficult. As per reports, Brittany was punished with life imprisonment. The officials made sure to reduce the possibility of parole.

Note: All details collected from online sources. We are not blaming anyone just presenting information.


Summing up this post, we have shared all details on Lululemon Murder. This case gained much attention and a lot of media coverage. Such criminal acts should be reduced, and the culprits must be given strict punishments. We have also discussed Lululemon Murders Crime Scene. So, the readers can read every detail here.

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