5 Mind Shifts to Help You Love Writing Essays

Writing assignments are not on the list of the favorite things of most students. First, they take a lot of time and effort. And it often happens that all the writing is done in a few hours before the deadline. 

No wonder it is challenging to enjoy your essay writing when sweating through anxiety of losing points due to untimely submission. But it does not have to be like that. Luckily, there are ways to shift your mindset about academic writing to be excited for working on your next assignment.  

Preparation matters

Do not neglect setting the mood for work. After you make sure that you have enough time for your assignment, take care of your space. Have a study corner that is dedicated solely for ordering your essay on essay writing services online, or working on your uni projects. Organize and decorate it to your liking, so you feel inspired to work.

Take care of your physical and mental state before writing your essay as well. Do not start writing hungry or burdened with anxiety. Make sure that you feel good inside and out, and start working on your assignment with a positive mindset. 

Do it for you

The main trick to enjoy essay writing is to find benefits for yourself. Do not think of essays as something that your professor needs. These assignments exist to train your critical thinking skills and abilities to express your mind clearly and objectively.

If you are not enjoying the subject or specific topic, try to think about the essay as a writing exercise. There is a lot of additional work that goes into paper writing like research, or critical observation and analysis. As you can see from essayhub reviews, a person writing an essay has to really know their topic. Hence, you’re developing a ton of skills apart from writing.  

And every bit is helping you to be cautious of the information you consume daily and always have your own opinion. Thus, all you have to do is think beyond your uni assignment, and consider what you get in the long run.

Turn research in your daily habit

One of the most daunting parts of essay writing is spending hours on research. Browsing databases to find the exact sources you need on the topic can take more time than actual writing. However, you would still have to do it anyway to write a quality essay. Hence, you need to change your perspective on research.

Take a daily habit of finding something you’re interested in from credible sources. You do not have to do an in-depth study. Just always check your sources. Apply the critical assessment to the info you’re getting from the random pages on the Internet. Do not just blindly consume everything that you read.

Thus, the next time you need to write an essay, you would not feel crushed by the endless pages on Google Scholar. For you it would be just another daily exercise for your critical thinking skills.  

Have templates

You probably experienced the numbness of staring at your computer screen without a single thought on what to write about. To prevent this from happening, have templates of general structure for each type of the essay. Of course, every written assignment would need introduction, thesis statement, body paragraphs, and conclusion.

Go beyond that and have a general layout of what needs to be addressed in the body paragraphs depending on the type of the essay. For example:

  • An argumentative essay would require you to have a paragraph dedicated to your argument, a paragraph with a counter-argument, and a paragraph with a response to counter-arguments that proves your argument in the end. 
  • A reflection essay requires a paragraph with a description of an event or source of analysis, a paragraph that tells how you feel about it, and a paragraph with a critical assessment of your thoughts and feelings on the matter.
  • An analytical essay requires you to address the subject with three or more clear points that are backed up by credible data, and each point has a paragraph dedicated to it.

Of course, your structure may vary depending on the instructions, or size of your assignment. But having a general direction with these templates will help you to stop hating even the thought of working on your essay. 

Acknowledge your success

There is no better motivation to do something than seeing progress in your work. Acknowledge your success with writing when you get to the next step. You can even have a small reward for yourself after getting excellent feedback on your term paper.

Do not delete or throw away your old writing. Keep that to see how far you come in comparison, and notice the aspects you got better in. You would have much more motivation to write your next essay to get even to a higher level and see the fruits of your labor.

Wrapping Up

And there you have it. Make sure to prepare your space and yourself for writing an essay, focus on long-term benefits, make research your daily habit, prepare templates for each type of essay, and do not forget to congratulate yourself on your success. 

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