Louise Bennett-Coverley 2022: Explore His Poems, Biography, Net Worth And Family Details!

The Louise BennettCoverley 2022 is being paid tributes by Google through a Doodle. Read here to know more.

Do you know? Google has celebrated the birthday of Louise Bennett Coverley and developed a Doodle for that purpose.  The Jamaican poet lived from 1919-2006 and makes Jamaicans feel proud about their language and culture. She is famously known as ‘Miss Lou’ by majority of Jamaicans and has good following Worldwide. The Louise Bennett-Coverley 2022 is a sort of tribute to this great personality who has so much to contribute towards the Jamaican culture. She would be talked at length through this article.

Doodle for Louise Miss Lou Bennett Coverley

Our intention in this article is to get you the most accurate information available on the internet about the poet who revolutionized the Jamaican poetry. She was born on September 7, 1919 in Kingston, Jamaica. From her early childhood, she had a passion for literature and folklore. This was something which became a purpose of her entire life. 

The Louise Bennett Coverley Poems were published in her local dialect called patois. At a Jamaican patois program, she made her first public appearance. Soon thereafter, Bennett was given a weekly column in a magazine called The Gleaner where she extensively published her works. As per sources, but her dialect was called names by the critics who criticized the dialect as inferior and improper use of language. But this criticism could not stop her from gaining wide popularity across the country and made her gain the fame. After spending her initial years at Jamaica, she moved to London.

The Louise Bennett Biography and London Years 

In 1942, Bennett Coverley moved to London and published her first book called Dialect Verses. This book earned her a British Council Scholarship and then she attended the Royal Academy for Dramatic Arts.  Afterwards, she started working for the BBC and she was the first black student ever to do so. The programmer titled Caribbean carnival was hosted by her. Moreover, as the time passed, she started hosting programs like West Indian guest Night and others. 

This also gained her much popularity and made her sort of a celebrity among black people. The Louise Bennett-Coverley Net Worth shall now be discussed. So firstly, if we talk about the personal aspects of the life of Miss Lou, we shall know that she was married to Eric Winston Coverley from 1954 to 2002.  The estimated net worth of this great poet and thinker is $1 million to $10 million. The major income is from her works in poetry. This is all about this great thinker to whom Google is now paying its tributes and making the people around the globe aware of her contributions. 


The initial years of Miss Lou were spent in Jamaica where she started writing poetry. Later on, she moved to London and started working for the BBC. After marrying in 1954, Louise Bennett-coverley Family is talked of as well. All the details are depicted above. To know more details, see this link.

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