Jayna Murray Autopsy Report: Check Report On Her Full Crime Scene!

This post on Jayna Murray Autopsy Report will reveal the true story behind the crime scene of the Lululemon murder.

Have you heard about the famous Lululemon murder? If not, we are here to explain this crime story’s details. Recently, people from the United States have been searching all over the internet for this famous crime scene. This post will reveal all the information related to Jayna Murray Autopsy Report. So, kindly read till the end.

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What happened in the Lululemon murder?

The Lululemon murder occurred in 2011 when a coworker of the Lululemon store, Brittany Norwood, murdered another coworker Jayna Murray. Brittany lured Jayna into the store, saying that she had left her metro card in the store. After that, she argued with Jayna and then murdered her in cold blood. The medical examiner explained that Jayna had 331 injuries all over her body. She also said she was killed with 5 different weapons in the store. Read to know more about Jayna Murray Crime Scene.

Why did Brittany Norwood kill Jayna Murray?

According to the sources, Jayna was shoplifting in the store, but the managers didn’t have any proof. However, Jayna caught her in the act and tried to confront her. Initially, Jayna presented a different story in front of the police and the investigators. She said that two men entered the store and assaulted both of them, and then the men killed Jayna. The case investigators first treated Brittany as a victim; however, the real truth was revealed when one of the investigators felt the inconsistency in Brittany’s words. Brittany was then sentenced to life imprisonment.

How many wounds did Jayna Murray suffer from?

According to Jayna Murray Autopsy Report, Brittany used a hammer, a rope, knife, wrench and metal pole to assassinate Jayna. Jayna’s entire body was filled with cuts and wounds in her body as she was brutally killed. She had a broken skull, a damaged spinal cord and several wounds on her body. Even after this many wounds, Jayna was alive and tried her best to survive, but she could not survive for long due to the drastic injuries.

Note: All details are based on online sources, we are personally not blaming anyone.


To conclude this post, this crime scene is almost 12 years old. However, we have explained this case due to the high research demand for Jayna Murray Autopsy Report. We hope that Jayna’s soul rests in peace. Please visit this link to know more about this case

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