Is Suntparadise Com Scam or Legit {June 2023} Reviews!

Read the below article that covers all the vital information about Suntparadise and gives you an answer to the question, Is Suntparadise Com Scam or Legit.

Do you search for a website to get fashionable capes for men? Have you heard about the Suntparadise website? Suntparadise is an online shopping website that sells fashionable capes, cloaks, and robes for men. The website is especially for the customers in the United States

But before purchasing anything from Suntparadise, we should check the legitimacy points of this website. It is crucial to learn about a website before taking any steps. So, please go through the entire article on Is Suntparadise Com Scam or Legit


What are the authenticity points of the Suntparadise website?

  • 5th June 2023 is the date when the domain was created. The website is two days old.
  • The update date of Suntparadise is also 5th June 2023.
  • The website will expire on 5th June 2024.
  • Though the website is only two days old, Suntparadise’s trust index is quite good. It is 47.5%.
  • Any blacklist engine does not detect the website of Suntparadise. 
  • The proximity of Suntparadise to suspicious websites is 31%.
  • The website of Suntparadise is HTTPS protected. 
  • As the website is only two days old, Suntparadise’s popularity rate is horrible. As the popularity score, Suntparadise gets 0 out of 100.
  • Unfortunately, the website lacks Suntparadise Com Reviews. But it is natural because the website is new.
  • No details are available about the spam score, malware score, and phishing score of Suntparadise because of being a new website. 
  • There are no details of the owner available on the official website of Suntparadise. 

What is the Suntparadise website?

Suntparadise is a brand-new shopping website that sells men’s fashionable cloaks, robes, and capes. Men who love to wear trendy clothes can check this website. 

But you need to remember one thing. Before choosing Suntparadise to buy a cloak, ask yourself a question. Is Suntparadise Com Scam or Legit? It is necessary to learn about any website’s legitimate points before investing your hard-earned money. 

What are Suntparadise website’s specifications?

  • is the official URL link of the website of Suntparadise. 
  • You can contact Suntparadise via email only. Their official email address is-
  • You can also contact them via phone call. +1 (960) 896-9845 is their official contact number. 
  • Social media logos are stated on the Suntparadise’s website, but you cannot open them.
  • We could not find the official address of Suntparadise on the website.
  • 7-15 business days are the standard shipping time of Suntparadise.
  • A refund and return policy is available.
  • Customers can use Visa, PayPal, credit cards, and American Express as payment methods. 

Is Suntparadise Com Scam or Legit? Read the Pros:

  • Free shipping is available on orders above $59.
  • The contact number is available.
  • Customers can save $10 if they order above $80.

Cons of Suntparadise-

  • Official address is missing from the Suntparadise.
  • The website does not have a vast collection of cloaks and robes.
  • Suntparadise lacks the owner’s details and buyer’s reviews.
  • The website do not provide express shipping. They also do not ship on Saturday and Sunday. 

Suntparadise Com Reviews:

Unfortunately, there is not any buyer’s review for Suntparadise available. As the website is only two days old, it is hard to find any customer reviews. 

While searching for Suntparadise’s reviews on various online portals, we noticed that every portal warned customers not to buy anything from this website. Most of the online portals talk about the creation date of Suntparadise. So, please wait for more time unless you find any genuine customer reviews. And please learn how can we make ourselves safe from PayPal scams before choosing any random website for shopping. 


The trust index of Suntparadise might be good as a new website but don’t forget about the negative sides of this website. The website has an absence of customer reviews, owner’s details, and official addresses. Please choose an authentic online shopping website for buying stylish capes for men.

Will you buy a men’s cloak from Suntparadise? Please share your thoughts and study on how to detect a credit card scam

Is Suntparadise Com Scam or Legit– FAQ Section:

Q.1 Is Suntparadise a scam?

Ans. Yes, it might be.

Q.2 Is there any Suntparadise’s contact number available?

Ans. +1 (960) 896-9845.

Q.3 What is Suntparadise’s owner’s name?

Ans. It is not available.

Q.4 When customers can get free shipping?

Ans. If they order above $59.

Q.5 What is Suntparadise’s official URL link?


Q.6 Does Suntparadise ship on Saturday and Sunday?

Ans. No.

Q.7 Is Suntparadise available on social media?

Ans. No.

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