Is Soleenay Legit {Jan 2022} Read The Entire Review Now

The following research on Is Soleenay Legit will inform you of every detail about this store and its products.

Every human being is very conscious about their lifestyle and clothing. Especially women, who are more conscious of their clothes. Soleenay store in the United Kingdom sells such undergarments products for women that will make your life easy and comfortable.

Is Soleenay Legit? Women desperately want stores that offer such products to make their bodies look more in shape. But some things must be kept in mind while ordering from such sites. We will discuss the important details about it.

Is legit? is a women-centered shopping store where all the women can find their comfort matching items that can make their bodies look more stylish and in shape. But, don’t get flattered by these eye-catching products without having relevant knowledge about this store. You need to understand some important factors. Important factors include Soleenay Reviews and trust facts of these sites. The irrelevant and fake website can aim to cheat and misuse your data. So be careful before you get trapped by such fraudsters.

Let’s have a look at these factors:

  • Life duration: 10th September 2021 is the date of creation of this site which indicates that the site is very new.
  • Registrar: Tucows Domains Inc. is the registrar of
  • Trust Score: The trust score comes under the very bad trust score category that is 2%. 
  • Social media pages: No relevant pages were found on the social media platforms. Based on Is Soleenay Legit, we found that the mentioned pages on the layout were not found while another page has no relevant information.
  • Customer feedback: There are no valuable reviews found on the collection of this store. Also, we could not find any relevant information on other review sites.
  • Privacy policy: All the policies were mentioned on the layout except for the shipping time taken by the website.
  • Data safety: This website follows the safest method of data transfer through Https Protocol.
  • Alexa Rank: The site is the least popular as per Alexa Rank, which shows that it is hardly visited by any customer.

Brief as per Is Soleenay Legit

This website sells products that are concerned for women’s privacy. Some women avoid extra exposure to their body parts. So, this site has taken care of that and brought the best material for them. Products they have are:

  • Plunge Bra with Nipple Cover
  • Active Leggings
  • Bodysuit
  • Thermo Sweat Compressing Shorts

If you want such a product, then you can definitely go through this website.


  • Buy bodysuits from
  • Email id:
  • Address details: FCOM LLC 2105 Vista Oeste Nw Ste E, 1289, United States, Albuquerque NM 87120
  • Phone number: +2014648997
  • Based on Is Soleenay Legit, Refund/return policy:
  • It offers a thirty days return policy for non-perishable items, defective and damage issues.
  • Refunds will be transferred after inspection of goods returned.
  • No shipping time was mentioned in the layout of this website
  • You can use Amex, PayPal, Visa, Master Card for making payment for your order.

Positive highlights

  • Email, address, the phone number was mentioned on the website.
  • Offers worldwide shipping.

Negative Highlights

  • Heavy discounts seem imaginary and fake.
  • No shipping time was mentioned.
  • No relevant information on pages on social media was found.
  • No reviews were available on their collection.

Soleenay Reviews

Wrapping up our content, we could find the email address as well as the phone number of this site. But the most important thing is they mentioned their social media pages on the layout, but there were no pages found on clicking one of those pages. Also, another page doesn’t contain any useful information. There were no reviews found on their collection as well as on other review sites.

The site is very less popular among the customers as it got poor ranking as per Alexa Rank. Also, if you are willing to get a refund for a credit card scam, please go through our post.

Final Summary

Based on Is Soleenay Legit, we could find that the life of this website is quite new, and it can’t be trusted blindly. This website also has a very bad trust score, which means you can’t have faith in this site. So we recommend you to explore products like Compression Garments, on a reliable website. you must visit this page.x

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