Is Simpleleaves com Legit (Jan 2022) Grab Authentic Reviews!

Please read this account to address your doubt Is Simpleleaves com Legit and know the details about a website that provides gifts, home décor items, and toys.

Do you want to retain the Christmas mood by decorating your home? Are you looking for attractive toys to gift to your kids or grandkids? Do you wish to adorn your residence beautifully in the new year? Then, please read this composition to learn about a portal dealing with these items. 

In today’s article, we have discussed an online store about which shoppers from several countries, such as the United States, want to learn. Therefore, please read on and answer your query Is Simpleleaves com Legit

Is Simpleleaves com Reliable?

Before exploring the various products available on this platform, it will be helpful if you first know about its characteristics. These details will allow to confirm its legitimacy and decide about purchasing from it.

  • Portal Trust Index – 1%, which is categorized under a Very Bad Trust Score.
  • Portal Age – One month and twenty days. The developers created this platform on 8 November 2021.
  • Ranking in Alexa – 8,456,178, which is a poor grading.
  • Social Media Linking – The website does not have connections with social media forums.
  • Reviews of Customers – We found Simpleleaves com Reviews about some products on this website. The comments are mostly positive. However, the reviewing date is not mentioned. 
  • Contact Details – The website does not contain the contact address or phone number of its owner. Customers can contact the team only through an e-mail address.
  • Authenticity of Content – The privacy policy contains the name of another e-commerce site. Thus, the developers may have copied the wordings from that source.
  • Absence of Specifications – The designers have not provided the sorting or filtering options. 

Keeping in mind the above facts, it seems this website is suspicious. Nonetheless, we cannot state Is Simpleleaves com Legit as the portal is recently launched. 

What is Simpleleaves?

Simpleleaves is an online e-commerce website that sells home decoration and gift items. The platform also provides toys and dresses for kids. Some products include metallic door handles, table mats, planter pots, digital trains, climbing Santas, LED skirts, etc. 


  • Website Type – An online e-commerce store that deals with home décor, gift items, and toys.
  • Website Address –
  • Contact Address and Number – Unavailable
  • E-mail Address –
  • Sorting and Filtering Options – Absent
  • Shipping Policy – Standard shipment takes five to ten working days. International delivery shall take up to two more weeks. 
  • Social Media Connection – Absent (This is a vital fact apropos Is Simpleleaves com Legit). 
  • Return and Refund Details – Buyers need to return the items within thirty days of receiving the product. No refund timeframe is available.
  • Privacy Policy and Terms of Service – Provided
  • Payment Methods – Credit or debit cards of Visa and MasterCard, and PayPal.
  • Price of Products – The prices are shown in the regional currency by default. Users can change it to other currencies like USD, EUR, CAD, etc. 


  • The portal offers a wide variety of unique and attractive items, especially in the home décor section,
  • The designers have explicitly mentioned the products’ descriptions.

Cons Concerning Is Simpleleaves com Legit

  • The web designers have not provided any filtering or sorting methods. 
  • We found the name of another e-commerce store on this website’s privacy policy. Thus, the content may be copied. 
  • The notification about recent orders is suspicious as it is too frequent and vague.
  • The website is newly launched, and thus, buyers may not rely upon it. Furthermore, it lacks social media connection. 
  • The shipping timelines are not mentioned under the policy wordings. Instead, it is available in the FAQ section.
  • No physical address or telephone number is given on the website.

Simpleleaves com Reviews

We could not find any reference of the subject website on leading studying gateways like Trustpilot, Reddit, or also in Quora. Thus, it appears that customers have not confidential this website and are yet to purchase its items. However, we found some customer reviews on the portal, but these do not have the dates mentioned. Therefore, we could not be much sure about their genuineness. Therefore, you should know in what way to Get Your Money-Back From PayPal Scammers to safeguard your money.

The Final Verdict

The information in this article indicates that this website may be suspicious. Nevertheless, we cannot declare Is Simpleleaves com Legit as it is new. Thus, please recognize How to Get a Full Refund on Credit Card Scam for safety. Also, you may want to learn about LEDs  and their working. 

Please write your opinions about this website below. 

One thought on “Is Simpleleaves com Legit (Jan 2022) Grab Authentic Reviews!

  • February 25, 2022 at 5:39 am

    The items they are selling are very eye catching but I noticed that the things you talked about were missing, like returning items their phone number no address as to where it’s located. I’m glad I read your review because I was going to purchase some earrings which are really beautiful but I just now charged my mine because after reading what you wrote I will not be purchasing anything from them at all because to me their a scam company.!!.


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