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Are you looking for an online site that helps build skills for the workers? Are you searching for a platform through which any worker can increase income? If so, we are coming here with an online platform that works as a solvent for the above problems. 

Skilled workers are very much in demand in countries like the United StatesShiftsmart is one such site that offers multi-dimensional opportunities to the workers. But before involving with the site, we must clear out Is Shiftsmart Legit.

Is Shiftsmart A Genuine Portal?

  • Registration Date: Shiftsmart as a portal generated on 14th June 2007. So, if we see the origination date, we can clearly understand that this is an old portal and has been functioning in the virtual world for almost fifteen years.
  • Expiry Date: Shiftsmart will stop functioning as a portal on 30th June 2023. So less than one year is left for Shiftsmart.
  • Alexa Rank: Shiftsmart has got 206720 no position in the list of Alexa.
  • Trust Score: Shiftsmart has received 86% as the trust score.
  • Contact Address: Shiftsmart, Dallas, TX 75248 Pkwy., Suite 550
  • Owner Details: Details information of Shiftsmart’s owner has been recognized in WHOIS.
  • Is Shiftsmart LegitTo get the answer, we should discuss Shiftsmart in detail. But from the above discussion, we have seen that the provided facts speak in favour of the legitimacy of Shiftsmart.


In this online platform, we learn about the workers’ income sources. This portal also helps build the skills and experience to earn more for the workers. Here we find out the solution to the various problems related to work. 

This portal displays the important news associated with this portal and the various platforms for the workers. Let us see the specific details to understand Is Shiftsmart Legit.

Specific Details

  • Portal type: Shiftsmart is an online portal that helps find work and build skills.
  • Portal Address:
  • Email Id: This email address is used to maintain the privacy policy.
  • Contact Information: Shiftsmart, Dallas, TX 75248 Pkwy., Suite 550
  • Privacy Policy: There is a transparent policy between the portal and its associates. Shiftsmart also provides clear data protection rights for its customers.

We need to check the advantages and disadvantages before commenting on the authenticity of the portal. Let us check Shiftsmart’s positive and negative sides.

Positive Aspects To Know Is Shiftsmart Legit

  • Shiftsmart is an old portal that has functioned for almost fifteen years, which is a positive point
  • An authentic HTTP protocol has been recognized for Shiftsmart.
  • Shiftsmart obtained 86% as a trust score, which is a good score.

Negative Side

Except for the high ranking in Alexa, we cannot find any negative side for Shiftsmart.


After the discussion on the legitimacy of Shiftsmart, we can say that those who want to find work opportunities and build up skills can undoubtedly connect with Shiftsmart. We do not doubt the question of Is Shiftsmart Legit. Therefore, People who want to contact you can contact you without hesitation.

Have you got all the required information? Let us know in the comment section. To know more about this portal, click here.

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