Afterpay Verification Code Text {July} Know This Scam!

In this article, we have discussed Afterpay Verification Code Text. What it is all about, and how we should be aware of such texts. 

Have you ever received a random code text from Afterpay? Are you curious to know more about this company? If yes, then continue reading this article.

In this articlewe will discuss Afterpay and random Afterpay Verification Code Text that some people are receiving on their devices. Afterpay is operated in Australia, the United States, New Zealand, Canada and the United Kingdom. 

About the verification code text

Afterpay is a legit company based in Australia, but many non-users are complaining about getting random verification code texts from it. 

It is hard to tell if Afterpay is sending those random texts or if there is someone else pretending to be them. From where these people are getting numbers? Or are they just using random numbers?

That’s why people are curious to know about Afterpay Verification Code Scam

Many non-account users contacted afterpay customer care services and were provided with the details like no account is registered with their numbers. That made non-users a bit relaxed. However, they could not find how they ended up getting such texts. 

What is AfterPay?

Afterpay is a digital payment platform known for its buy now, pay later service. It belongs to Australia and was founded in 2014. People can buy products and make payments weekly on the purchased items. Afterpay does not charge any interest. 

We have already discussed why people are complaining about Afterpay Verification Code Scam Text. A lot of them got these texts almost around the same time. People are also concerned about data being leaked. Some of them are saying that it is being done to diminish the trust value of Afterpay company. 

This was when people started talking about these random texts. The main cause is still unknown. Everybody is making their own assumptions. But should be aware of such practices. Let us discuss some points on how we can stop any particular service from sending us such texts. 

What can be done to stop getting Afterpay Verification Code Text?

Getting random numbers from the services that we do not use is a matter of concern. If we talk about getting such texts from a particular service provider, we can do a few things. If you are also getting texts from Afterpay and are a non-user, contact their customer care service and ask them to check if your number is linked or connected with any account on their portal. You can also contact your local authorities and ask them to start an investigation on your number being used.


We are wrapping up this post on Afterpay Verification Code TextWe would suggest everyone to be aware of such texts and never share their personal information, especially bank account-related details, on any random website.

Click on this link to learn more about Afterpay 

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