Is Senseice Scam or Legit {Sep 2022} Explore Review!

This post on Is Senseice Scam or Legit provides further information regarding its legitimacy on the online clothes they deal with. Read further for the details.

Do you know of a website where anyone can shop for fashionable, cozy apparel for people of both men and women? There is no reason to be concerned if not. We now have a new online store where you may fulfill your purchasing needs whenever it’s convenient for you. Senseice was established as an online clothing retailer founded in the United States

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Is this internet store reliable?

Senseice is a digital store that sells clothing for men and women. The website offers low prices on a variety of comfortable clothing items. Any information from the website that is pertinent to our audience must now be communicated to them. Therefore, to protect you from fraud, we perform a uniqueness test. Read the whole article to find out more about the business.

We evaluate all the reviews and other information to make sure the website is reliable. Senseice Reviews is essential to ascertain whether the website is trustworthy before making an online purchase to protect oneself against fraudsters. Go through the given facts that reveal main details about site legitimacy.

  • Web Registration Date: The website domain Senseice was created on July 15, 2022.
  • Trust Level: According to the website’s 1% trust index, there is not enough trust in it. We might suggest to our readers not to conduct business on this website because we suspect it dubious.
  • Alexa Rank: It has a subpar Alexa ranking (5068993).
  • Customer Response: When we visited their website to find out Is Senseice Scam or Legit, there were no reviews available.
  • Web Registrar: Namecheap, Inc. serves as the website office for the e-commerce platform, Senseice.
  • Social Media Platforms: Senseice is not accessible on any social media network.
  • Customer Requirements: The official Senseice website offers a thorough overview of some customs procedures, such as cancellation and transit laws.
  • Missing Information: Their homepage is missing information about the owner.
  • Customer Safety: The online interface uses HTTPS encryption to guard against data theft. It might not be the best security measure, though.

Regarding Is Senseice Scam or Legit 

Huge savings on a variety of apparel styles are available at the online retailer Senseice. There are many gorgeous, and reasonably priced apparel alternatives available. The products they advertise on their website are listed below.

  • Casual Printed Hoodie
  • Women’s Printed Casual Sweatshirt
  • Sports Shorts
  • Tie Dye Shorts
  • Men’s Training Shorts
  • Teenage T-shirts

Features of Senseice

  • Buy a Graphic Hoodie for women from
  • Email address: They can be contacted at
  • Company Address: Not available on their homepage.
  • Contact Information: Not available.
  • User Reviews: As highlighted in the Is Senseice Scam or Legit section, their official page does not contain user reviews.
  • Return Policy: A thirty day grace period is offered for genuine goods; however, the merchandise must be returned in its original packaging.
  • Shipping Requirements: Shipping usually takes 10-15 business days from the store.
  • Payment Options: Credit cards and Master Card are typically the most used payment options.

Positive Qualities

  • Their website includes a complete summary of all their customer policies.
  • The website contains detailed information on their payment options.

Negative Features

  • Social media profiles were inaccessible.
  • Customer feedback were missing.
  • There were no communication details available on the site.

Senseice Reviews

Both men and women can find plenty of apparel at Senseice. There were no consumer reviews or ratings on their website. However, neither ratings nor reviews were present on other internet platforms. We do not recommend you shop there because they have no client reviews. 

We are unable to make any comments at this time because the website just went up. Additionally, it has no Alexa ranking and a low trust score. It has only been running for a little over two months. Please visit this website if you’re interested in learning more about PayPal Scamming.

Final Remark

We do not advise utilizing the website for your transaction since the response to the query Is Senseice Scam or Legit is “no.” Therefore, we suggest that our readers not buy anything from this store. Follow the given link to learn everything about credit card scams. Click this website to learn more about the top apparel brands 

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