Is Monday a Holiday in BC? Is It a Stat Holiday in Canada, Is It A Easter Monday? Check If It Is a Holiday in Ontario, and Stat Holiday in BC too!

This article on Is Monday a Holiday in BC was written to clarify the doubts for all the people.

A lot of people are eager to know if Monday is a holiday in BC. If you are one of those people, kindly read the article with all your attention. Various people in Canada are excited to know about this. All the people are confused regarding this news, is it real or fake? For more information on Is Monday a Holiday in BC read the entire article given below for a wide justification. 

What is this holiday about? 

Monday is holiday but not a stat holiday as per the information received till now. Whereas all the schools and crown corporations are supposed to be off today in BC, the rest of everything will work as it is. Whereas Monday is not supposed to be a statutory holiday, only a few places are supposed to be shut down not the entire city as it will bring a lot of chaos to the city. A lot of people are still thinking that Is Monday a Stat Holiday in Canada, this article will help them remove all their doubts regarding this topic. 

Why is there a holiday in Canada? 

John Horgan the B.C. Premier has declared that on September 19, Monday the public schools, post-secondary schools and the crown corporations will be closed, in memory of the late monarch Queen Elizabeth 2 in the UK.  That day will be marked as a day of mourning in the remembrance of the late Queen Elizabeth 2. The National holiday will be carried out by the Federal employees. 

Is Monday a Holiday in Canada?

A lot of people are still confused if it is a holiday in Canada. Well, the answer to that is yes, there is a national holiday in Canada on 19th September in reminiscence of the later Queen Elizabeth 2.  The private sector employees are encouraged to find a way to recognise the day in such a way that it becomes appropriate for the employees. Readers are also eager to know about Is Easter Monday a Holiday in BC the details will be mentioned ahead. 

More information about the holiday 

This holiday will be a national day to reflect on the incredible life of Canada’s Queen. It is gonna be a major day for all Canadians. Late Queen Elizabeth 2 was the longest-serving monarch in British history hence it becomes vital for the Canadians to offer something to her in her remembrance out of honour and despair. It is gonna be a paid holiday for federal employees and workers. Are you also wondering that Is Monday a Holiday in Ontario well the answer is no, Ontario refuses to be a part of this holiday.


All the cities in Canada have declared 19 September to be a holiday except Ontario and Quebec. They stated that they will not be a part of this. Quebec states that Monday will be a day of commemoration for them. The funeral for Queen Elizabeth 2 is supposed to be held on Monday from 3 a.m. onwards. Rev. Ansley Tucker will direct the service at the cathedral and this will be live streamed. Is Monday a Stat Holiday in BC, the answer is No. For more details, click on this link

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