Is Moldova in NATO (March) Get Essential Details Here!

Please go through this report to answer your query Is Moldova in NATO, regarding the country’s security in the ongoing crisis between Russia and Ukraine.

Are you keeping yourself updated with the latest global scenario? Are you concerned about the steps taken by all countries involved in the current crisis? Do you want to know which countries are forming alliances to combat this situation? Then, please read this report to know the required details regarding a nation.

In today’s report, we have discussed the presence of a country in a military agreement. Citizens of all nations Worldwide want to learn more about it. Therefore, please continue reading to know Is Moldova in NATO.

What is NATO?

NATO stands for North Atlantic Treaty Organization. It came into existence in 1949 when the world was recovering from the repercussion of World War II. Initially, twelve nations joined hands and signed the North Atlantic Treaty. 

This treaty involves the cooperation between the governments regarding military support. It also implies actions taken against countries outside the NATO if the external forces are a threat to the members’ security.

Presently, thirty countries are members of this alliance between governments, two belonging to North America and the rest to Europe.

Is Moldova in the NATO

Moldova is not a member of NATO. This is in accordance with the reference of neutrality in Moldova’s constitution. Article 11 in Moldova’s fundamental law states its non-permission of engaging the military powers of other countries in its premises.

Nonetheless, several significant occurrences have taken place between NATO and Moldova. For instance, the country joined the Euro-Atlantic Partnership Council, intending to maintain peace between the members and non-members of NATO. 

An information center dedicated to NATO was established in the national university of Moldova. Parallelly, NATO has also supported Moldova for its freedom and sovereignty. 

Recent News About Is Moldova in NATO

As discussed in the previous section, the Moldovan government does not intend to join NATO per its constitutional norms. Nonetheless, Russia had requested NATO to discourage the membership of a few countries in the future, which included Moldova. 

However, NATO did not accept this proposal from the Russian government. The recent invasion of Russia over Ukraine has also brought about the apprehension of a similar crisis in Moldova.

Relation between Moldova and Russia

Moldova separated from Romania and became a part of the Soviet Union in 1940. However, the disassembly of the USSR in 1991 led to an independent Moldovan country. Currently, Is Moldova in the NATO is a relevant query among citizens due to the existing relationship between Russia and Moldova. 

Most of Moldova is bordered by Ukraine, making the nation’s government proactive and alert on the current crisis. Moldova’s Prime Minister also mentioned that the country should expedite its alliance with the European Union.

If Moldova was included in NATO, it could deploy armed forces of other countries under the present scenario. But, due to the present situation and Russia’s urge to NATO not to include Moldova, the situation is wary. 


Although the answer to Is Moldova in NATO is no, NATO is expected to continue providing its support towards the country. Furthermore, if the government decides to join the European Union, it will be more secure. 

Do you think Moldova should be a part of NATO? Please share your views in the section below. 

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