Is Manageet com Scam or Legit {March 2024} Guided Reviews

Check out Is Manageet com Scam or Legit and what customer Reviews say about the website’s legitimacy. 

Is Manageet com Scam or Legit. Check Below

Are you looking for a perfect dress for your vacation? Are you tired of your old fits and baggy clothes for your office? The fashion industry is growing rapidly as customer collections and choices are frequently modified due to the enhancement in choices. 

People from the United States surf multiple websites to get perfect and newly styled clothes at an affordable price. However, they need to catch up on the common styling of regular websites while searching the game across a website known as Therefore, people want to identify Is Manageet com Scam or Legit.

Factors confirming the legitimacy of

Factors confirming the legitimacy of
Factors confirming the legitimacy of
  • Domain age: is a freshly launched domain with a period of 2 months and 11 days.  
  • Alexa ranking: The Global Alexa rank of the domain is not available.
  • Trust score: the website obtained a very poor trust score, although it’s a new domain, which could also be another reason for the minor trust score of 1%.  
  • Social Media: While searching on websites and social media, you cannot find any social media link to the domain, but some internal links are available that redirect to social media. Unfortunately, these links are inaccessible. 
  • Owner information: Unavailable 
  • Address proof: The contact address is not available.
  • Customer reviews: Manageet com Reviews are unavailable on the website. Surprisingly, there are no sections for reviews where people can share their feedback and Comments regarding the customer service and clothes. Additionally, social media links are not available to check reviews. 
  • Shipping Policy: claims to ship your order within 5-12 working days, excluding weekends. However, they charge variable fees as per the order billing. Users will get free shipping on orders above €40.

About the Domain. is another growing clothing website with various offers and discounts on trendy clothes. However, they specialize in women’s clothing. Overall, you will find different clothes and pants for women with limited stock. 

Is Manageet com Scam or Legit: Specification. 

Is Manageet com Scam or Legit Specification
Is Manageet com Scam or Legit Specification
  • Domain launch: 19 December 2023
  • Domain expiry: 19 December 2024
  • Email ID:
  • Contact number: Contact no. is not given on the domain.
  • Contact address: The contact address is not provided on the domain.
  • Return policy: the website mentioned that they can accept customer returns in certain cases. However, if the product does not fulfill the return policy criteria, they will not accept a return, and users will also not get any refund. 
  • Payment mode: Visa, Amex, MasterCard, PayPal, etc. 
  • Filter Option: Yes 
  • Currency: Multiple Currency Available.

Pros talking of: Is Manageet com Scam or Legit

  • The website gives multiple payment options, which make the payment process convenient for the users.
  • An excellent shipping policy for customers who want to buy products worldwide as they provide free shipping over the order of €40.
  • Additional discounts are available on multiple product purchases in a single category or single type of cloth.
  • People can get an idea of the price for the different countries by selecting the nations, and the prize will automatically pop up in the particular currency.


  • There is no contact information available on the website.
  • Email ID is available, but there is no surety of response.
  • Trust the score of the domain is very very low. 

Manageet com Reviews

Customer reviews are an essential part of any domain as they provide all the information about the legitimacy of the website and the product quality and service. Sadly, the website does not have any customer reviews. Moreover, no social media links are available where people can find further reviews from the customer.

It is very hard to conclude whether the website is legit as there are no social media links or customer reviews. Therefore will recommend you to look for another domain as it is a bit suspicious. Also, check out more about the PayPal scam.

Final Verdict 

Is Manageet com Scam or Legit: it’s tough to say about the legitimacy of the domain as it is fresh and contains little information. Moreover, there are limited stocks in the domain and no customer reviews.

Would you prefer such a domain for shopping online? Comment below. Also, check out the best website for women’s clothing. Find more about credit card scams

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