Is Havertys Outlet Legit {Sep 2022} Read Honest Reviews!

Here is a website review interrogating Is Havertys Outlet Legit. Havertys offers home furniture and interior decor at multiple physical stores and on its website.

Are you an ascetic soul who thrives in the serenity of home? Do you like to collect furniture pieces and invest in home decor? Haverty’s online platform caters to all home design, remodeling, and arrangement requirements. 

The United States based furniture manufacturer also has a retail chain with 121 stores in the US in over 16 states. Here, we dig deeper to gauge – Is Havertys Outlet Legit, despite the company’s plethora of home decor utilities in multiple designs, and designing services. 

Website Legitimacy Check!

  • Domain age – This domain was created on December 11th, 1995. By the end of this year, the domain age will be 27 years old. 
  • Domain expiry details – Over four years are left for the domain’s expiration. Expiry on December 10th, 2026
  • Owner’s verification data – The owner is Perfect Privacy, LLC.
  • Trust Index – The website has gained a trustworthy score of 100% 
  • HTTPS security analysis – This website has a valid HTTPS secure connection. However, this does not always mean complete security. 
  • Havertys Outlet ReviewsSeveral external review sites and website reviews reveal a rating of 3.5 stars on the official website.
  • Threat & Malware score – No threat or malware detected. 
  • Spam score – None detected. 
  • Website popularity –106388 is the website’s rank, which makes it a relatively popular and reliable site. 
  • Social Media Links – The brand is present on Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, and Pinterest. 
  • Blacklist status – No blacklist engine has been detected for this domain. 
  • Proximity to the suspicious website – with this score being 8/100, there are minimal chances of fraudulent activity. 
  • Phishing score – none mentioned. 

Is Havertys Outlet Legit? – About this Store  

Havertys was established in 1885 and claimed to cater to excellent quality furniture in many designs for materializing a homeowner’s vision for their sanctuary. Their website offers beds, television chests, nightstands, rugs, home office decor, cabinets, lighting, bedsheets, pillows, throws, etc. 

They also provide custom furniture and design services for users with a more ubiquitous palette. With over 100 stores, they have a considerable customer base catering to that. They claim to employ friendly service staff for an improved customer experience. Here, we analyse the website. 

Specifications – 

  • URL –
  • Email Id – None mentioned. Hence we need to check more details to determine: Is Havertys Outlet Legit?
  • Physical address – Havertys Furniture Companies, Inc., 780 Johnson Ferry Road, NE, Suite 800, Atlanta, Georgia 30342
  • Shipping & Delivery Policies – They provide free pickup and schedule a meeting for the customer to arrive at the nearest store and pick up their order 
  • Shipping cost: Only US shipping is offered. 
  • Return Policy – 3-day return policy. 
  • Payment modes – Credit Card, Paypal, and Havertys Gift card payment options are available. 
  • Warranty – An external Protection plan is offered at an additional cost to protect the item of purchase from five years of wear and tear and accidental spills.

Now, we will compare the pros with the cons of this website, to determine – Is Havertys Outlet Legit, and whether one can rely on investing in this website. 


  • A trust index of 100%, with a 27-year-old domain name, makes it a reliable store. 
  • Multiple discounts and coupons offered all over the website 
  • There is a distinctive declaration of company policies along with product catalogue.  
  • Quality control is prioritised, and only when verified, then products are shipped. 


  • The warranty policy is exclusionary, and Havertys must be contacted within five days of a stain or accident for recovery. 
  • Faulty orders rarely receive a refund. However, a 20% restocking fee has to be borne by the customer. 

Customers’ review is taken in conjunction with external reviewers. Following is what they say about Havertys.

Havertys Outlet Reviews

The plethora of positive reviews on the website suggests that the footfall on the website is repeated as all factors of quality control are maintained. With a secured payment portal, customer satisfaction sustains. 

Haverty’s warranty, delivery, and return policies are stringent and exclusive. The products are priced relatively high to cater to the quality. Before any huge investments, customers must conduct thorough research. Avoid PayPal scams and click here – Get your money back on PayPal if scammed


Havertys is a reputed and trusted brand delivering top-notch furniture, home decor, and customized design services. Cautious customers must interrogate – Is Havertys Outlet Legit. Here is the company protection plan –  

Avoid fraud on credit transactions and access – Get your money back on Credit Card if scammed. Does this content answer your inhibitions about Havertys’ online store? Please comment. 

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