Is Gre Enterprise Legit (Feb 2022) Check Reviews Here!

Is Gre Enterprise Legit? The write-up holds some important aspects that you should know before shopping from this portal. Also, determine its authenticity.

The digital e-commerce shop has lots of pros in the modernized world, but it also has some ill effects, such as the risk of online scams and data forgery. Again today, we came with another informative review article, and today’s check will be going on Gre Enterprise digital hub.

Is Gre Enterprise Legit? Yes, the main purpose of our checks is to determine this fact. Though the site is becoming a tough competitor in the e-com market in the United States, via this blog, you will know more about it.

How reliable is Gre Enterprise?

To examine the reliability, certain checks are needed to be carried out based on its internal information. We have already done it for you. Read the below to understand the site-

  • In accordance with internal data, the site is not active for more than 6 months. We found its creation date is 17-04-2021.
  • Gre Enterprise Reviews are detected.
  • The Trust-Rank is not at all worthy; its score is 1%.
  • Only 17% of its entire content is originally written (the rest has plagiarism).
  • The address can get detected on the map, but no highlights for this shop.
  • It has a valid account on community platforms.
  • Non-clickable links are not found.
  • Gre Enterprise LLC handles all the backend operations.
  • It has been registered on ‘ LLC’ with name.

Some points display the credibility of this site, while a few points raise questions. So we need to dig out more data.

What is Gre Enterprise? 

Gre Enterprise is the United States-based webshop handled by Gre Enterprise LLC. But, Is Gre Enterprise Legit? Our checking shows it deals with various categories such as Utensils, Kids’ games, Kitchen appliances, Accessories kits, etc.; all are displayed under the ‘Store’ tab where buyers get the specific catalogue category wise.

Coming to items display, each and every product is shown with a written description and single picture. We found the products display needs improvement like products should have several pictures with more specifications. Anyway, now it’s time to review its policy-


  • Address: 4410-Ne, 24-Ter., Lighthouse point, Florida-33064
  • Phone Number: (267)529-6078.
  • Website Link:
  • Email Address:
  • Feedback: The presence of Gre Enterprise Reviews is recognized.
  • Cancellation Process: Not available.
  • Order Shipping Timing: Generally, the orders are shipped between 3 days.
  • Shipping Charges: The charges can only be identified during check-out.
  • Replacement Policy: The replacement policy is valid but depends on stock availability. If the stocks are available, then the buyer will be charged for both-way freight costs.
  • Return Facility: 7-day time period is given to every buyer, but it consists of some rules.
  • Refund Procedure: Currently refund is unavailable.
  • Payment Gateways: Visa, American Express, MasterCard.

A brief details about the benefits for the users:

  • Checking the ‘Is Gre Enterprise Legit‘ a huge raging categories products have been found in the Store section.
  • The site serves internationally.
  • It is popular on community platforms.
  • Remarks are available.

A brief details about the disadvantages for the users:

  • Instead of gaining good followers on social media, the trust score is still not worthy.
  • The content shows high plagiarism.
  • The address doesn’t show a valid corporate building.
  • Only a single payment gateway.
  • Return costs are the purchaser’s responsibility.
  • The site is not responsible for customs charges for international shipping.
  • Reviews are unfavorable.

Customers’ comments on ‘Is Gre Enterprise Legit’:

On the feedback media like TrustPilot, the site has accumulated 4.6 stars ratings with 92% positive rating and 8% unfavorable comments. For instance, users have given full starts commenting the product quality is good, and the client support system is excellent. While few users are not satisfied at all, they have mentioned the site uses policy to take personal details.

On social media like Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest, it has legit accounts. On Instagram, it has 18K+ followers, and on Facebook, it has more than 7K+ followers and likes. Along with, read some tips on how to get refunds on PayPal scams.

Final Verdict:

Is Gre Enterprise Legit? If you go through the entire blog, you also find some fishy things like low trust scores instead of having good popularity on social media, Mixed reviews, address legitimacy, high plagiarism. So, buying household materials is only advised after a proper check. Also, know about some methods to get money-back on credit card scams. Also, let us know your feedback about this site.

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