Is Freshest Vibes Watch Scam [Feb 2021] See Reviews

Is Freshest Vibes Watch Scam [Feb 2021] See Reviews -> Please read the article to know about the watch scam in a country.

Are we looking for some legit online store to buy good quality accessories? Not sure whether to invest money in some sites or not? Do not worry; we are here with an article in which we will tell you that Is Freshest Vibes Watch Scamwhich is an online site where people can buy good quality accessories. 

But before claiming anything about its legitimacy, let us first check if the site is legit or not. Although, the site is gaining popularity among the people in the United States. The site provides a detailed specification of each product it sells. The best part about the site is that it allows for a refund when the product does not reach you.

Is Freshest Vibes Watch Scam?

Checking the domain’s age, looking at the trust index, and checking Alexa’s ranking, we could say that the site is not legit. The site does not sell all the products that it claims. The site shows the social media icons, which can fool anyone, but when clicking these handles, the user gets redirected to the main area. So, the site is not legit, and we can say that the HTTPS connection used is not the proof of legitimacy.

What is

Freshest vibe is an online e-commerce store where you can buy good accessories. The products that this store offers look as if they are of high quality. So, let us see that Is Freshest Vibes Watch Scam? Keep on reading the article to find your answers.

This ecommerce store is providing free customer support service and after-sale services. There are various scams these days that we can see, but very few are legit. 


  • Type of website – E-commerce online store.
  • Product – Watches, bracelets, earbuds, rings, etc.
  • Shipping charges – Free shipping over the product priced more than $100.
  • Company’s email id –
  • Company’s phone number – 720-432-6471
  • Age of domain – 3months 26 days
  • Company’s physical address – Arvada co 8000, United States
  • Shipping duration – 10-15 days for the product to reach within the country. And 60 days to other countries.
  • Payment modes – Amex, Visa and MasterCard.
  • Return and refund – If the product has not reached you.


  • Is Freshest Vibes Watch Scam article has shown that the site is very new and is not popular among the users so much but still there are so many products and varieties the user can choose from?
  • It also provides an exchange of the product when the customer is not satisfied within 30 days of buying.
  • The store uses HTTPS connection which means that the site is protected from all the various malware activities.
  • The site also provides 24 hours of customer support services.


There are certain cons of this site which answers yes to the question “Is Freshest Vibes Watch Scam

  • No social media presence is available for the site.
  • The site’s Alexa ranking is very bad and its trust index is quite low which states that the site is not at all trusted by the users. There could be a possibility that the site is new hence it has not gained the trust of so many people.
  • The variety to choose from is not very much amazing and eye-catching.
  • Customer reviews are not available and only negative comments can be seen for this site and its products.

What are Reviews

According to our research, the customer reviews for the site a negative. People are asking Is Freshest Vibes Watch Scam and the answer for the same is ‘Yes’. The Alexa ranking which tells the popularity of the site among the customers is quite bad which means that the site is not famous among the users and the customers. The site is very new which shows that it has not gained much attention from the users. Which gave not mich time to its users and customers to buy the product and review it. Trust index is very low. Hence, the site has not been trusted by the customers at a great level.

We have observed the pattern of negative customer reviews or very fewer reviews for this site and the product.

Final Verdict

After conducting our in-depth research, we have concluded that the store is not legit. This article about Is Freshest Vibes Watch Scam has cleared that the site is not legit. Also, let us know which online store you use regularly to shop for accessories online? And which store is your favourite? Let us know in the comment section about your opinions on this article.

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