Is Aussie Massager Store Legit (August) Check Reviews

Through this post, we will discuss the details of the website and want to find out Is Aussie Massager Store Legit or not.

Do you need a good massager to release your stress and anxiety? Stress is prevalent during this period, especially among working-class people. Headaches, neck pain, and back pain are widespread. Aussie massager provides the tools of massage for those people who are stressed or are in pain. The website is found in Australia

You can take a better look and get to know several other factors of the online store and determine whether Is Aussie Massager Store LegitRead the blog carefully to collect more information. 

Is Aussie Massager store a legit website? 

To judge the legitimacy of a website, it is essential to check every detail like social media presence, life expectancy, reviews and much more. So in the future, we will discuss these details in brief –

  • Domain age – No specifics about the website’s domain age or when it is registered have been found.
  • Domain expiry date – Also, in the case of expiration, no information has been found 
  • Trust score – The trust score of the Aussie massage store is 50%.
  • Data security – Valid HTTP is found. 
  • Aussie Massager Store Reviews are in mixed forms, like good and bad reviews found. 
  • Trust index – And the index’s trustworthiness is 100%, which is quite bewildering as there are no proper details about the registration date or expiring date given. 
  • Owner’s identity – No information about the brand’s owner is available. 
  • The website’s blocked status has not been detected as a blocklisting website. 
  • Social media handles –’s official page is on Facebook and Instagram. 
  • Proximity to suspicious websites score – The said score is 7/100.
  • Threat & Phishing profile – 2/100 is the score for both phishing and threat. 
  • Alexa Ranking – To judge Is Aussie Massager Store Legit or not, the Alexa ranking of the website is abysmal, 931956.
  • Spam & Malware score- Zero is the score for Malware and spam out of 100.

Details in brief about

This online store belongs to the massage sector of the e-commerce retailing industry. Their tools are unique and very much advanced in technology. Following are the products available on the website –

  • Body Massager 
  • Foot massager
  • Head massager
  • Hand massager
  • Aromatherapy 
  • Massage guns
  • Massage chairs etc. 

Specific details about the online store 

  • Registered link –
  • Phone number – (03) 9982 4692, its availability eases the suspension. Is Aussie Massager Store Legit or not? 
  • Website registered name –
  • Email address details –
  • Store’s address – Level 2, 1 Southbank Boulevard, VIC 3006, Southbank Australia.
  • Modes of payment – Payments are acceptable by Amex, Apple pay, Google pay, PayPal, After pay, Shop pay, Visa etc. 
  • Shipping policies – Shipping of goods can be done in 8 business days. 
  • Free shipping service – Free shipping service is provided. 
  • Policies of return and refund – Goods purchases can be returned within 30 days. 
  • Customer service hours – Office is open for business from Monday to Friday, 8 to 5 pm. 

Positive highlights to determine whether Is Aussie Massager Store Legit or not! 

  • HTTP connectivity is valid. 
  • Presence of the website on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. 
  • Innovative products and technology are friendly. 
  • Presence of Mixed reviews on the website’s products. 
  • Other specific details about policies and contacts are available. 

Negative highlights about the website 

  • hides the owner’s details.
  • The website’s basic information, like domain registration date or expiration date, is not found. 

We have discovered the above positive and negative points to conclude website legitimacy. It is also necessary to discuss reviews to ensure the conclusion is drawn. 

What are Aussie Massager Store Reviews?

Reviews about and its products are readily available anywhere. Mixed opinion of people is found. Some people like the products, but others think that the products are overpriced and customer services are not good. Various other alternatives of the products of the Aussie massager are available in the market at better prices. 

It is very beneficial for the website that the reviews are present on the products and the other platforms. Click here to keep yourself safe from Credit card scams. 

Final summary 

Per our research, the answer to the question Is Aussie Massager Store Legit does not get any reliable answer. We find that the website is suspicious based on the incomplete information and reviews. We do not recommend this website to buyers without proper research. Instead, you can get things from another legitimate platform.

If you are curious about the online store, you can take reference from the above post. Also, keep yourself safe from PayPal scamming

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