Is Fancy Goods Com Legit {Aug 2022} Check The Reviews!

Is Fancy Goods com Legit? You got all the answers to check the website’s authenticity, and the website is not trustworthy and authentic for any purchase.

Do you want to buy accessories? Then you are in the right place. Have you ever come across FancyGoods online website? Then, wait till you read this post till the end and know about this fake website. 

Many users across countries like the United Kingdom, Brazil, the United States, etc., claim they have lost their money on purchasing goods from here. Is Fancy Goods com Legit? Read our reviews below and check if you can buy from here or not. 

Is Fancy Goods online platform a Scam? 

  • Domain Details: According to domain details, the website was registered on 13 September 2019. And the website will expire on 13 September 2022. Its name while registering the domain was
  • Rank: The global rank of FancyGoods is 33,333,333, and country-wise ranks 16,666,667.
  • Trust rating: The website has any reviews, and no ratings are available. 
  • Trust Score: The website has a trust score of 68% with no reviews.
  • Social media – There is no trace of any social media links available.
  • Customers’ opinions: Few Fancy Goods com Reviews have reported this is a fake website. 

What is Fancy Goods online platform?

Fancy Goods is a digital marketing platform that provides various makeup and hair accessories. The place has vibrant, colourful and cheap accessories and lashes. Besides all these things, the website claims to sell every type of lashes and headband at affordable rates. The place also claims to sell these different styles to people who love doing makeup. These headbands are made of other materials, and the lashes are soft and furry. 

Lashes are designed to look unique and original as much as possible. Eyelashes are designed to fit every face and are made with exceedingly soft materials. Is Fancy Goods com Legit? No, reviews say it’s fake.  

Specifications of Fancy Goods online site:

  • Website URL –
  • Mail Address –
  • Payment details– Afterpay EMI option, Gpay, Shoppay, Paypal
  • Contact details – USPS: Call +1 800 275 877
  • Shipping Rules – All orders from California within 3-5 business days. Also, different places have different order charges. You have to pay extra for that. 
  • Return Policy: The company offers 100% genuine products, but as per website claims, no exchange or refund is available. But, the products are only replaced in cases of damaged items only. You can contact them via email. However, you should do your best research and read every review before investing in these products. Is Fancy Goods com Legit? No, these products may catch your attention and can be beautiful, but the website itself is not trustworthy. So read and research to avoid such fake online websites of accessories. They do everything in hand to lure innocent people. 

Pros of shopping with Fancy Goods: 

  • You get affordable and fancy items such as eyelashes and headbands.
  • All the products are made with utmost care and genuine materials. 
  • The website claims to return damaged items within 48 hours. 

Cons of shopping with FancyGoods: 

  • The website has no contact details such as phone numbers or store addresses.
  • The website has copied content from several websites.
  • The shop has displayed variations of lashes and bands of low quality.

Fancy Goods com Reviews 

No, the website has no such legit reviews, and there is no trace of website inception. When you read the few website reviews, you will know that scammers have never delivered the item and haven’t even had their money back, even after two years of purchase. 

Online shopping can be a dark place to lure innocent people and ask them for massive amounts of money under the pretext of affordable items. These vast discounts and glittering products make you greedy but beware of the consequences. They can steal your money or payment details. 

They might take a certain amount of your hard-earned money and never return it. Is Fancy Goods com Legit or not? You got all your answers. They cheat people by stealing and making their website for catchy and customer worthy. There are so many scams out there fooling people by stealing their personal information or money. These scams take place due to users negligence and improper research. Also, check Everything You Should Know About the Paypal Scam. 

Final verdict

This Website claims to provide different eyelashes and headbands, but it is not genuine.  You can also read how to buy perfect lashes here Is Fancy Goods com Legit? No, after the reviews, you might understand why we are telling you this. Are you happy about this post? Do tell your opinions below in the comment section. 

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