Is Exercisek Scam Or Legit {June} Check Reviews!

This article provides entire details about website and its various products to understand Is Exercisek Scam or Legit. Follow our article to know further.    

Are you bored enough to wear your old and outdated clothes? Want to try something fashionable that suits your personality? If yes, then this website was introduced for you only. The website has a wide range of trendiest clothes that you were looking for. The webpage was designed in the United States.

Today’s blog will provide all the information about the shopping portal and its website to know Is Exercisek Scam or Legit. Follow the article below.


Is a legit shopping webpage?

Before shopping anything, the customer should check the legitimacy of the shopping portal by going through all the detail provided about the website. The following points will enable to understand the credibility of the shopping website: 

  • The website beginning: The Web portal was designed on 24/10/2022.
  • The address of the company: There is no information to know about the address of the web portal.
  • Alexa global rank: The global Alexa rank of webportal is #352,373.
  • Email account:
  • Email Id legitimacy: As per Exercisek Reviews, the web portal has provided a valid email Id.
  • Trust rating: The webpage Trust rating is average, around 38.1%. 
  • Percentage of copied content: The duplicate content rating of the webpage is around 0%.
  • Social platform logos: There are no logos of social platform on its website.
  • What is

This is an online shopping portal that features different types of fashionable and trendiest clothes for men as well as women. The clothes collection includes Jeans, Farah pants, Outfit lounge set, Fit cargo pants, sweatshirts, Jumpsuit, Top, Jackets, stretch pants, sports pants, Sweater, Solid Tweed Blazer, Vacuum cleaner, wall shelf and other household accessories. However, before shopping anything the customer must search Is Exercisek Scam or Legit.

Specifications of

  • The Website URL
  • The Web portal start date– The Web portal was designed on 24/10/2022. 
  • The lapse date of the webpage– The expiration date of the web portal is 24/10/2023.
  • Contact number of the website- There is no contract number on its website.
  • The location of the company- There is no information to know about the address of the web portal.     
  • Logos of social media– There are no logos of social platform on its website. 
  • Time for shipping- It takes 14-30 days to deliver the order. 
  • Name of the developer- There are no details about the name of the developer to know Is Exercisek Scam or Legit.   
  • Shipping for Free: It allows free delivery on order over $49. 
  • Return service: It allows return service within 14 days.
  • Order Refund policy– The website refunds the full amount within 14 days.
  • Order Exchange– No details about the order exchange service is available. 
  • Return charges– Customer have to pay the return shipping fees.
  • Discount on products– It allows good discount percentage on its products.
  • Cancellation of Order- Order cannot be cancelled after the order is shipped.  
  • Method of Payment: Amex, Visa, PayPal, Master Card, etc.

Positive aspects to understanding Is Exercisek Scam or Legit:

  • It has given various payment methods for making payment.
  • It has provided the email address for customer service.
  • It allows free delivery service on its products.
  • It allows cancellation of order.
  • It provides simple return and refund service on its products.
  • It allows good discount on its products.

Negative aspects of

  • It has not mentioned its contact number for customer service.
  • It charges return shipping cost from customer.
  • It is not available on social platforms.
  • It has not mentioned it’s the name of the website founder.
  • It has not given the location of the company which is required.

Exercisek Reviews:

There are many reviews from the buyers on its website. The Alexa global ranking of web portal is around#352,373. The website is not present on social media platforms. At the same time, there are negative customer reviews on online webpages and no reviews on social websites. Here buyer must know- Easy and Simple methods of refund from paypal

Summing up:

The website has got average experience in web-based market. Few customers are available to buy their products. The web portal has average Trust rating. Furthermore, there are Negative reviews on online platforms whereas no reviews on social webpages. The web portal seems doubtful and buyer should remain cautious of such shopping portal. Here the buyer also needs to know- Methods To Get Money Back On Credit Card 

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Is Exercisek Scam or Legit: FAQ-

Q1. When was beginning?

Answer: 24/10/2022

Q2. What is expiration date? 

Answer: 24/10/2023

Q3. What is the Alexa Global Rank? 

Answer: #352,373 

Q4. What products does sells?

Answer: Clothing and household accessories

Q5. What is trust rating?

Answer: 38.1%. 

Q6. What is return time?

Answer: 14 days

Q7. How much time gap does take for order shipping?

Answer:  14–30 days 

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