Is Buybeactiveplus Legit {Aug 2022} Check The Reviews!

Do you want to know that Is Buybeactiveplus Legit or not? This post will help to know about Buybeactiveplus website and also other health equipment.

Are you aware of your heath issues? Do you often search for some health care appliances on online portals? Then you can go to the Buybeactiveplus portal for such devices. Many websites are dealing with many health appliance worldwide. Especially in the United States, people used to demand them more because of unhealthy lifestyles.

Before making any judgment about any website and also the product’s reliability, we should investigate them. So here we talk about Is Buybeactiveplus Legit or not?

Is Buybeactiveplus an online store a scam?

  • Buybeactiveplus portal creation: Buybeactiveplus domain was created on 12 July 2021, and the updating of the website was on 16 June 2022.
  • Buybeactiveplus portal expiry: Buybeactiveplus portal will expire on 12 July 2023.
  •  Domain name of Buybeactiveplus: domain name of the Buybeactiveplus website is
  • Social media link: The presence of Buybeactiveplus on any social media platform is negligible.
  • Rank of the website: the rank of Buybeactiveplus website is 48.8 percent which is questionable and controversial.
  • Website Internet Rank: Buybeactiveplus portal has 976215 ranks throughout the worldwide on the internet.
  • Customer review: only positive reviews are on the questionable website, and no Buybeactiveplus Reviews on another website also.
  • Validity of website: Website has valid HTTPS.
  • Scoring for trust: trust index for the Buybeactiveplus website is 60 percent which is average.

What is Buybeactiveplus portal?

Buybeactiveplus portal talks about solving your health issues by using some equipments. This website discusses some equipment like knee pad that can relieve our joints using the acupressure point technique. It claims that using its product will give instant relief to sciatic nerve pain, and it is easy to use. They are also offering some double discounts on buying a product.

Some older people constantly suffering from this type of nerve and sciatic pain and want to know Is Buybeactiveplus Legit or not. So for once, you need to go with the website and find out the information about the website’s legitimacy.

Specifications of Bebuyactiveplus website:

  • Website URL-
  • E-mail ID- for customer service, is given, and for marketing and sale information, and 
  • Contact details – 1-800-340-3418
  • Operational Timings- Weekdays from Monday to Friday 08:00 a.m. to 08:00 p.m. (EST) 
  • Shopping store’s address: BeActive® Plus, Top Dog Direct,402 Middletown Blvd, Suite 216, Langhorn, PA 19047
  • Payment method: Store provides many payment modes like PayPal, visa, MasterCard, and credit card.
  • Shipping Conditions- shipping of product within 30 days from the time of order. With this information, you can ensure about Is Buybeactiveplus Legit or not.
  • Returns Policy- They do not mention the return policy on the website. They are saying that you have to contact customer service for that.

Favorable points of Buybeactiveplus:

  • Buybeactiveplus has given the Proper contact number; the email id is given on the website
  • All payment methods are available on the website.
  • Website has valid HTTPS
  • Buybeactiveplus has mentioned a detailed product description and offered a discount.

Unfavorable points of buybeactiveplus:

  • Buybeactiveplus has a meager index rate.
  • Website rank is deficient, so it is less popular.
  • The trust index is below the average of the Buybeactiveplus website.
  • No return policy is appropriately mentioned on the website.

Buybeactiveplus Reviews:

From a customer point of view, it is an unclaimed profile with no reviews on the other website. Buybeactiveplus website has only positive reviews on its home page about the product, which is questionable. There are only positive points given about the product. Nothing is given about the effect on social media also.

They mentioned only one product there, offering a double discount also, which seems very unrealistic. So it cannot be decided whether the product quality is good or not. So be aware of the product also which they are providing to the customers.

So it is required to confirm before buying anything from its website that Is Buybeactiveplus Legit and also about some reviews of website. You can also go for the link can save your precious money from the Paypal scam.

Final words:

So now we have noticed that Buybeactiveplus has less popularity, no reviews, a low index rate, social media absence and unrealistic discounts. So the website is doubtful. For better health equipment, please visit  and know about everything You Should Know About Credit Card scams.

If you have any experience with Buybeactiveplus portal, please let us know about it in comment section below and also verify Is Buybeactiveplus Legit ?

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