Infosms Scam (March 2022) Stay Alert And Avoid Scam!

Do you know how to defeat the fraudsters contributing to the Infosms Scam? But, first, you must learn this writing to understand the base of this con.

Are you inquiring about an SMS con troubling native people within Australia? Then, please read this post to know its emergence and public reaction to it. 

Spam SMS is undesirable content that we don’t want or try to prevent. Moreover, in such fraud, the scammers offer delicious deals to the receivers to gain what they want. So, today, through our article, we will inform you about the Infosms Scam and its necessary clues. Kindly follow this post to determine the ways to mitigate such scamming issues. 

About The Fraud 

After disclosing many threads, we noticed that this scam has existed with us for the past few years and is bothering individuals. In addition, the threads peeled that, in this trick, scammers are seeking to collect the victim’s banking credentials. 

But, if you want to know the whole story and how people concluded it as a scam, you have to study the following paragraphs. So, let us bounce into the following section to know more. 

How Has Infosms Scam Occurred?

A source highlighted that it was a fresh scam where the fraudster targeted majorly native individuals of Australia to grab the bank details. Moreover, the thread expressed that the SMS contained a message saying that about 2300 AUDs were transferred to another account and told to call +61 1 800 953051 to register any inconvenience. 

Similarly, a user revealed the same scenario with no capital exchange on another website. Thus, the message was received by many people, and thus, they commented on it. So, let us disclose what they said to this Infosms Scam activity below. 

People’s Reaction To The Scam 

Majorly the receivers have marked it as a scam since the capital hasn’t been paid. Our further research found some more comments to the fraud where the public tagged it as a fraud. On the source, we have noticed that the SMS also contained a link that users have suggested and not clicked since it might be a malicious URL. Most users opined that the given number was a con. 

Now, let us briefly introduce the ways to render the SMS scamming issues in the following passage of this post on Infosms Scam

Methods To Prevent Spam SMS

Before going deeper into the prevention methods, you should know what SMS spam means. SMS frauds are an activity where spammers utilize text messages with scam links. So, if you want to defeat them, follow the lesson underneath. 

  • You can end the fraud happening from the root by reaching out to your native communication authority.
  • Blocking the spam number could be a practical step.
  • You can choose special services to locate and distinguish the frauds.
  • You should not visit any link given on a suspicious message.


This Infosms Scam post benefitted us in locating a well-known SMS fraud. In addition, after researching, we have noticed that the scam was telling people about the transactions from their account to someone. However, users encountered it as a scam soon after investigating it.

Have you been trapped in any scam ? Please provide your answer below. Also, read here how to avoid and stay protected from online scams.

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