Hurdle Music Game Today {March} Read Instruction To Play

The article provides complete details about the music game that is becoming popular recently, and players can try Hurdle Music Game Today.

Do you wish to play online puzzle games? Did you hear of puzzle games that are getting popular? Nowadays, many puzzle games are available online. The players have to guess the song in this game, like the wordle game. To find more details about this game, go through this article. 

Hearing the music and solving the puzzle has become the favorite among the people in countries like Ireland, the United Kingdom, the United States, New Zealand, Canada, and Australia.

To grab more details about the Hurdle Music Game Today, go through the below.

What is a Hurdle music game?

The hurdle game is similar to the wordle game where the players have to guess the word in provided attempts. But in the Hurdle music game, the players have to guess the song in limited attempts, and it is the best deal for the people who love to hear music in their free time.

A new song is released each day, and the players have to guess the song title and the artist in six attempts. Then a short clip of the song is provided to the players, and then they have to guess the singer and the song.

How to play Hurdle Music Game Today?

  • Below provided are a few steps to follow and play the Hurdle music,
  • Click the play button
  • Then listen to the song, and the players can hear the song multiple times.
  • The song is played for 16 seconds only, within which the player has to guess the song using that clip.
  • If the players guessed the song wrongly or skipped, they can try other songs.
  • The song has to be guessed in minimum attempts by the players to get the best score.

The game is very simple to play attracts many players to play this game. As a result, Hurdle Music Game Today has become popular and reached millions of users in a few days.

Where to play Hurdle?

The hurdle game is free of cost to play. The players have to click on the official website of the Hurdle and then play the game. After hearing the song, the players search for the music and the selected artist in the search bar. The options play, skip, and the submit button will appear at the bottom to proceed further. 

The major goal of the developers is to attract the people first to play the game without charging on the game.

Hurdle Music Game Today

The song is guessed in a minimum number of attempts to get the best score, and a few more steps to play the hurdling game have many exciting elements. By clicking firstly, listen to the song for one second, and then by clicking again, the player can listen to the song for two seconds. Similarly, the process is repeated until sixteen seconds to find the song. The game is played online using the browser, and it is user-friendly. The game resets every day with a new challenge around midnight.


As per findings, the Hurdle Music Game Today is becoming more popular in recent days in which a song has to be guessed rather than finding words. Therefore, the players who are fond of music can try this game. Listening to the song and guessing it in limited attempts gives a blissful feel.

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Grab more details on this game here by clicking this link.

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