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How big is China’s military power? What are the total military personnel china has?

China has the world’s largest population on earth. In addition, China is known for its military strength. So if you are curious to know every detail about China and its troops, you are at the right place.

People in the United Kingdom and the United States want to know How Many Troops Does China Have 2022?

Details on China’s Army 

China’s army is known as the People’s Liberation Army. Here we will present some basic details on the People’s Liberation Army:

  • Their motto is “Serve The People.” 
  • It was founded on 1st August 1927. Almost 90 More than 90 years ago.
  • They reconstructed their armed force organization on 1st November 1948.
  • The five main branches of their army are Air Force, Ground Force, Strategic force, Rocket Force, and Navy. 
  • The governing body is the central military commission, and their headquarter is established in Beijing.
  • The leader of the commission is Xi Jinping (President of China).  

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Details of Ground Force and Navy

Facts about Ground Force:

  • They currently have 975000 active personnel (as of 2020).
  • Their official colors are green and red.
  • Personnel expertise in land warfare.
  • Their history engagement was World War 2, Sino-Indian War, the Chinese Civil War, Korean War, Vietnam War, etc. 

Details on Navy:

  • The Chinese Navy was established on 23rd April 1949.
  • They have a total of 300,000 active personnel (as of 2018)
  • They have more than 530 ships and more than 600 aircraft. 
  • Their last engagement was the Chinese civil war, Sino-Vietnamese War, The Battle of the Paracel Islands, etc. 

How Many Troops Does China Have 2022?

As per some census and data present worldwide, China has the most active personnel, which makes China the largest army in the world by manpower. Furthermore, some of the data present on the internet show that China has approximately 2000,000 active personnel.

Just after China stands India and the USA with 1,450,000 and 1,390,000, as per some reports, China’s power index is 0.0511, and 0.000 is the score considered near perfect.

China may stand at number 2 or 3 in the other aspects of military power, but the number of troops and the answer to the question, How Many Troops Does China Have 2022? China stands tall at Number one.

Details On Air Force

  • It was established on 1st November 1949.
  • Their role is Air defense, Airborne warfare, and Aerial warfare.
  • They have 400,000 active personnel and have more than 3370 aircraft.


As per our discussion, China has the world’s largest army troops in numbers. One of the reasons is their population. And also, China has always strengthened its army, and its national budget for armed forces has always been hefty. So we conclude that China is one of the powerhouses in the world. To know more on this topic, click here  

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