How Many Cline Siblings Are There 2022 {May} Find Count!

This article describes the number of children fathered by a doctor featured in a popular Netflix documentary. Read on How Many Cline Siblings Are There 2022.  

Are you shocked by watching a trending Netflix documentary based on real-life incidents? Keep reading until the end to know all the relevant information about the documentary and real-life people and their activities discussed widely on social media platforms.  

Documentary buffs from the United States and the United Kingdom are amazed after watching the documentary. They are left with several questions that are actively discussed, How Many Cline Siblings Are There 2022, among the film/documentary based online communities and groups.

About Cline Siblings

Our Father is a Netflix documentary released on 11th May 2022 that reveals the number of genetically-developed children. Dr Donald Cline is accused of producing children without the consent or knowledge of his patient.

The documentary interviews various siblings, including Jacoba Ballard. The accused doctor, Cline himself, isn’t aware of the exact number of siblings he fathered. At the end of the documentary, there are 94 identified siblings, and the number may even rise with the ongoing research on the crime associated with Cline Siblings Count 2022.

About Dr Cline

Dr Cline was one of the most searched names after the release of the recent Netflix documentary. The documentary exposes hundreds of crimes committed by a fertility doctor based in Indianapolis. He served for thirty-eight long years until his retirement in 2009.

The incident started to unwind after Jacoba Ballard tested her DNA and found a higher possibility of having many siblings. Dr Cline’s medical license got revoked in 2018, and there are no updates about Cline. As per reports, Dr Cline is living anonymously in his 80s.

How Many Cline Siblings Are There 2022?  

  • Jacoba Ballard found out the details about her biological father after conducting a DNA test in 2014.
  • She went on researching about Dr Cline, her biological father and found a series of shocking pieces of information that was difficult to believe.
  • Jacoba went on with her research and tracked down other siblings of Dr Cline. 
  • Dr Cline inseminated countless patients who came for fertility treatment in his clinic between the 70s and 80s.

Reviews Of Our Father

  • has received an audience rating of 75% for the documentary. Read on How Many Cline Siblings Are There 2022.
  • John Anderson, a top critic, mentioned the documentary as similar to a horror film.
  • Lucy Mangan, another popular film critic, mentioned that the documentary is simply unbelievable to her, especially the climax revealing that the number of children was above ninety.
  • Most of the audience expressed shock and distress about the incident that happened with the patients. 

Note: Please note all details are based on online sources. We are not blaming anyone.


The Netflix documentary “Our Father” is a highly emotional one that exposed the inhumane crime committed by Dr Cline to his patients without their awareness. To know more on this topic, kindly visit here. 

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