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Who was Randy Tillim? What is he best known for? Shockingly, he passed away on 15th April 2022, as confirmed on his official Instagram page. He was popular amongst his worldwide fans for hosting the famous YouTube video titled Savage Garage Channel.

Reports suggest that he met with a fatal accident that took his life. Soon after the news, the business world was shocked, and everyone took the social media to mourn the deceased. People were also seen inquiring How Did Randy From Savage Garage Die?

What Happened to Randy Tillim?

On Instagram, the death news first popped up, confirming Randy’s death on Friday, 15th of April. He was pronounced dead at the age of 51. The post reads, “It is with highest sadness and grief to announce that Randy Tillim from Savage Garage died last night on 15th April at 51.” 

After the death news circulated online, his fans wrote and posted many obituaries. The social media channels were flooded with tributes and condolences for the deceased and his family. After analyzing online, we have not found any valid answer to the question, What Happened To Randy From Savage Garage?

People are mentioning that he died from a fatal car accident. But. have no evidence to support their claims. It would be exaggerated to say that he died of a car accident until family members confirm the death causes. 

Who was Randy Tillim?

Randy Tillim was a businessman and entrepreneur known for his enthusiasm and passion for sports cars. He is also popular amongst his worldwide fans for hosting the famous YouTube channel Savage Garage. The YouTube Star is in news because of his death news. People are searching online for Randy Savage Garage Car Accident news.

The YouTube channel hosts different series where Randy and his team drive exotic sports cars. He was often seen with supercars on the YouTube channel. Besides, he also started a payment gateway company, and he serves as the CEO of CLARUS Merchant Services. 

He is also active on social media, where the death news first popped up, shocking the entire business world. Soon after the news, people are sharing their condolences and paying tribute to the departed soul. Many people took the social media to inquire further.   

People’s Reaction – How Did Randy From Savage Garage Die!

The Savage Garage’s official Instagram page posted a new video for the fans on 15th April 2022. On the same day, the team also posted the death news of the YouTube Star shocking the entire business world and fans.

Many people took the social media to share their tributes and condolences. People also started commenting on the death cause and said he might have died in a fatal car accident. 


Randy was a passionate entrepreneur and a YouTube sensation with millions of fans for his YouTube channel, the Savage Garage. On 15th April, his official page announced his death news to the world. But, there is no answer available to How Did Randy From Savage Garage Die?

You may read the Threads of the death news post on the official Instagram page.  

Do you know how he died? Please share it in the comment section.

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