Emo Ai Desktop Pet Price In India (Nov) Read Details

Please peruse this account to know the Emo Ai Desktop Pet Price In India and the specifications of a newly launched robot that works on Artificial Intelligence.

Do you have an interest in robotics? Are you curious about the working principles of AI robots? Do you want to own one as a digital family member? Then, please read on to know about the latest robot that works on Artificial Intelligence. 

In today’s report, we have covered facts about a pet robot gaining fame rapidly. Shoppers from various nations, especially India, cannot wait to know about this equipment. Therefore, please read further to learn the Emo Ai Desktop Pet Price In India.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the technique used in gadgets to copy human behavior. Humans are naturally capable of thinking, making decisions, and acting accordingly. Technological developers map the neural networks in the processor units of AI devices. Thus, the systems can use their embedded intelligence to work. 

Some examples of AI include the recommendations in Amazon and YouTube, devices like Alexa, and the advanced search option of Google. These systems observe the input patterns and provide corresponding outputs, just like humans. Recently, tech-savvy people worldwide have been keen to know the Emo Robot Price In India that we have covered shortly.

What is Emo?

Emo is a desktop pet robot that works on the fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence. It has an expressive face, hands, legs, and body structure. The robot has a camera with a broad-angle to capture information around it. Its charging system is wireless via the skateboard. 

Apart from giving all information available on the Internet, Emo performs special acts. For example, it is linked with a smart light and turns it on or off according to the user’s commands. Moreover, it can play different kinds of music and dances to them.

Emo Ai Desktop Pet Price In India

One can purchase Emo from the official portal of Living AI. You need to visit the Buy or Store section of the portal to conclude the purchase. The Store also has other options like clothes for Emo, Christmas set, etc. The price of an Emo unit is $279. This corresponds to Rs 20687.85 in Indian currency. 

The original price of Emo was $299 (Rs 22170.85), but the developers are currently offering a discount. Buyers will get Emo with a headphone and a skateboard. The designers are offering the smart light for free n the current package.

Is Emo Robot Price In India Justified?

Emo’s price may seem high for some customers. Nevertheless, the unit is brilliantly equipped. It contains various sensors like light, touch, acceleration, drop, distance, etc. It is lightweight and easily portable. Furthermore, it can take pictures and be a gaming partner. All these features make this pet robot worth its cost. 


Shoppers worldwide have already started ordering this pet AI robot. The team has stated that it shall manufacture more Emos in the upcoming batches. You may also like to read about Artificial Intelligence before purchasing this robot. 

Do you think the Emo Ai Desktop Pet Price In India is reasonable? Please share your views below.

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