What Is Fortnite Sypherpk Cup Leaderboard? Explore With Its Tracker, Icon Cup, And Tournament Leaderboard Statistics

Through Fortnite Sypherpk Cup Leaderboard, we will discuss the commencement date and time and how you can participate in the tournament.

Have you heard about the Fortnite Sypherpk Cup? Do you know when it is starting? Are you aware of how to participate in the event?

People across the United Kingdom, Australia, and the United States are enthusiastic about the highly anticipated SypherPK Cup. We have covered all the details through Fortnite Sypherpk Cup Leaderboard; be with us.

When is the Sypherpk Cup beginning Date and time?

SypherPK Cup began yesterday that is Wednesday 21st September 2022. The timing is different for different servers. It is 6 p.m. for Europe and NAE, whereas 7 p.m. onwards for other servers. However, a player and the team can play a maximum of ten games. And it will last for three hours for a particular region.

What to do to play Sypherpk Icon Cup?

To play the game or to get the entry rules are straightforward as there are no initial requirements. However, players must enable 2-factor authentication, have a trusted Epic account, and have a minimum level of 10 to participate. If you satisfy the two-basic requirement, you and the team can enter the Fortnite lobby when the match begins and join the Icon Cup.

What are Sypherpk Tournament Leaderboard and prizes?

The Cup will have two leaderboards, one standard and the other with Trap Tower items. The standard leaderboard will deal with the eliminations and winning list. In contrast, the other one will track elimination with the Trap Tower item.

You will win Sypherpk Mask Emoticon if you get a minimum of 8 points.

Other prize includes Sypherpk Icon Skin- if you rank within 150 in your region.

Oni’s Curse Back Bling and SypherPK outfit are for the best players in each region.

Also, standing top in Sypherpk Fortnite Tracker alternate leader board in the Trap Tower eliminations can give Oni’s Bane Back Bling and SypherPK outfit.

Region-wise overview:

  • Europe’s top 750 teams will get the prize
  • North America (East) top 500 teams
  • North America (west) top 250 team
  • Asia Top 250 teams
  • Brazil’s top 250 team
  • The Middle East top 150 team 
  • And Oceania’s top 150 teams will receive the prize.


Hope we clear all your doubts regarding Cup through the Fortnite Sypherpk Cup Leaderboard post. We wish you all the luck, and you receive the best you are looking for from this tournament. Kindly visit here to know the current stats, rank, and leader board of players.

Do you need more information on Sypher Icon Cup? Do let us know your thoughts on this Cup in the comment section below.

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