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Quick overview of DotBig

Making money from home isn’t a big deal today. There are numerous efficient ways that will work out perfectly if you gain some basic skills in the chosen industry. Why not consider online trading? If you are on this page, you probably know something about this activity and its benefits. So, we are going to introduce you to one of the forex brokers with increasing popularity – let’s get familiar with the DotBig company.

Resume of the Company

DotBig LTD is registered as a brokerage company from St. Vincent and Grenadines. We noticed that in recent years, the interest in this company has been growing. However, there’s a lack of relevant and well-structured information about this provider of financial services that has been on the market since 2003. 

The unspoken motto of the DotBig company is to make trading profitable and available for all categories of traders from all over the world. The broker ensures safe conditions by providing the possibility to resolve any disputes with the help of a third-party institution. 

The most common clients of the company

When we studied the reviews and the conditions of the company, we understood that it’s difficult to specify a typical DotBig trader. On the one hand, the trading platform has intuitive navigation and a very user-friendly interface, which is an undisputable advantage for any market participant. Besides, it enables trading through a demo account, which helps to understand the basics and get familiar with the tools of the platform.

But on the other hand, the DotBig forex broker aims to work with professional traders. Its advanced account plans provide a lot of benefits for institutional traders, such as the possibility to devise a trading strategy with a personal manager.

That’s why we suggest that there’s no typical DotBig trader – it suits both newbies and traders with sophisticated skills.

Distinct Features

  • Negative Balance Protection. This feature protects traders against losses. When the negative balance protection is activated, there’s no way you can lose more than the deposited amount.
  • No particular specification. Most forex brokers focus on particular markets. DotBig trading enables deals in different markets – from the conservative stock market to the most exotic cryptocurrency sector. 
  • Venture investments. Dealing with venture capital isn’t just a way to make a good investment into a promising startup. Foremost, it’s a co-working network where you learn from experienced investors.
  • Commission-free stock trading. The only fee you pay when trading shares of international companies is the spread.

Tools and Widgets

The DotBig trading platform enables advanced technical and fundamental analyses with a bunch of robust solutions for trading. You can combine different types of charting and use candlestick patterns with the conjunction of over 50 technical indicators. The newsletter feed in the platform isn’t available but at least, you can follow all the key events in the market with the help of the economic calendar. Proceed to the abstract reviewing trading solutions to learn more about the capabilities of the platforms.

Financial Instruments

Access to multiple markets has many advantages. The diversity of financial assets is one of the most obvious benefits. In the case of DotBig, a trader earns from trading the following products:

  • 13 stock indices;
  • 600+ Contracts for Differences in cryptocurrencies and fiat-to-crypto currency pairs;
  • 72 currency pairs;
  • 6 commodities.

In addition to these products, DotBig enables the compositing of investment portfolios. These are helpful tools for stock traders who want to diversify their risks but don’t want to rely on pre-composed indices and funds.

Digital Solutions

Currently, DotBig provides access to only one trading platform available from laptops. This is the Web Trader solution. Web Trader is where you obtain complete access to all the financial markets (except for binary options). Web Trader has social trading features, which can be used to learn from other traders and make some passive income with their strategies. Trading signals are also available even for the Standard account minimum.

If you want to trade on the go, you can download the DotBig trading application for mobile devices. We examined it. What we can say about this solution is that it doesn’t limit the performance of a trader. What’s more, it seems to us that when trading through this mobile application, it’s easier to stay tuned to all the events. How is it possible? In addition to a financial calendar, you can enjoy using a special newsletter.

Fees & Commissions

DotBig doesn’t specify separate trading fees that are charged for access to the available tradable instruments. All trading fees are included in the broker’s spread. They depend on the chosen instruments. If we consider forex majors, the average spread is not above 2 pips.

The list of non-trading fees is a bit more extended. One thing you have to pay for is a withdrawal of money. The total percentage depends not only on the broker but on the payment method. For example, withdrawals through electronic wallets such as PayPal are charged with a 3.5% commission. This isn’t applied to deposits.

If you want to pay the minimum fees, you should be an active DotBig trader. For a 90-day inactivity period, you will be charged a special inactivity fee. 

Means of Funding and Withdrawing

$250 is the minimum amount you have to pay in order to activate the Standard account plan. The operation can be processed through VISA, MasterCard, Maestro, Transferwise, PayPal, Qiwi, Webmoney, YooMoney, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, and Litecoin. Bank wire transfer is also available. The list of withdrawal methods doesn’t differ. The two things to consider when withdrawing is that different payment means require different fees and need different periods to finish the operation. 

More Benefits or Drawbacks?

Benefits Drawbacks
  • A wide range of trading instruments
  • A good selection of instruments for technical and fundamental analyses
  • Trading signals are available
  • Both market and pending orders are available
  • Deposits are processed without extra fees
  • Social trading is enabled
  • A minimum deposit of $250 is a high amount
  • The allowed inactivity period is only 90 days
  • No news feed Reviews

We decided that it would be objective to provides DotBig testimonials with both positive remarks and some negative impressions. Here are they:

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The Final Thought

In conclusion, we want to clearly provide a message – online trading always comes side-by-side with risks. Even if you find the most reliable and fail forex broker, you aren’t 100% protected from the risk of losing money. From what we’ve managed to find out, we can say that DotBig seems to be a safe company with high-quality trading services, advanced safety measures (segregated accounts), and a good reputation.

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